New Morning Blessings

Poppy field on a misty morning, Holy Island, Northumberland, England.
Photo by Alan Kearns.

The Lord’s lovingkindnesses indeed never cease,
For His compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22-23 (NASB)

Yesterday I payed a visit to the local hardware store for a garden broom attachment, which connects the handle to the broom head. The green one is old and split. It reminded me of the famous sketch on “Only Fools and Horses” where Trigger receives an award for saving Peckham Council money, by having the same broom for twenty years. He proudly brags it has only had fourteen new handles and seventeen new heads, to his friends bemusement. This favourite sketch reminded me of todays chosen verses.

Old and New

As each day ends we thank our Father God for keeping us safe until bedtime, and the sun rises the next morning on a new day filled with His new blessings. The world may proclaim new this and new that, but the only thing that truly is new is God’s presence in our life. He sees, hears and feels all our aches and pains – covering them in His endless compassion. In His Fatherly care we see the perfect example of faithfulness in action, that we can follow in our faith walk.

Dear reader, in your walk with God focus on His many blessings – “They are new every morning.” Yesterday is past and it is a new day, you are still covered in His Compassion. Nothing is new in this world (Ecclesiastes 1:9 (NASB), but God’s blessings are new everyday.

Psalm 2 – The Messiah Foretold

Psalm 2 is the first messianic psalm in that it foretells of Jesus Christ.
v.1-2 In the KJV the nations are called the “heathen” which does translate to “nation”, the term used in the NASB. To the original peoples the nations were those near to Israel who did not believe in their God.

The nations plan against God and His Anointed Son for their own selfish gain. Indeed the “rulers” could be seen to refer to the Jewish Sanhedrin and, the “Kings” as the court of Herod and that of the Roman authority. These leaders see Jesus as a threat to their position and wealth, to them He represented a threat to their plans of self advancement.
God Almighty in Heaven laughs at their plot against Him and His Anointed Son. God addresses the nations directly in v6, God’s anger will strike fear in the nations as He installs His King on mount Zion i.e. Jerusalem.
In vvs.7-9 God addresses His Son directly, but it is the Son who reports this in the psalm. v7 speaks of not just any decision but a decree which is a formal ordinance. Jesus will not just descend from Heaven but will be the product of human childbirth. Children are given an inheritance, but this child was no ordinary child – He was the Son of Almighty God. It therefore makes perfect sense that the inheritance of the Son of God should be nothing less than all the nations of the earth. Jesus will conquer His earthly kingdoms and with great ease.
vvs10-12 returns to God now addressing the nations again. God commands them to heed the warning and choose to worship Himself, God Almighty. They are further commanded to pay homage to Christ and allay His smouldering anger to avoid destruction.
The final verse is one of assurance, that happy are those who take refuge in Christ. This psalm needed several readings and prayers, but God is good, He rewards those who search His Word. As a child of God saved by His great work of redemption this psalm is very reassuring when you see the detail that is involved.