And He said, “The one who sows the good seed is the Son of Man

Matthew 13:37 (NASB)

Some weeks ago in midsummer when I was weeding our garden I saw a small green plant growing beside one of the Pieris shrubs. Rather than pull it out with the weeds I left it to see what it would grow up to be. As it continued to grow I staked it up to keep it going in the right direction. Considering the height and shape of it I thought it was a sunflower but without a flower I wasn’t certain. The weather has been wet, cold and a bit windy lately, thus I have not been in the garden much. But each morning as I opened the bedroom curtains I saw the stranger standing taller. A couple of days ago I opened the curtains to see that it had bloomed, it was as I suspected a sunflower. I had decided to care for the stranger and to harvest seeds for planting, to have many lovely sunflowers next summer.

As I have watched this sunflower grow from the compost I added to the Pieris in the early summer I became fond of it. It’s appearance was a tiny symbol of hope in an obscure corner of our garden. I had not planted it but someone had inadvertently sown the seed in the compost bales they produce for our garden centre. It reminded me of the Gospel seeds we as children of God can sow in our lives, each day. If we are faithfully saturating our walk with God in His presence and His Word we will exude His love wherever we go, and with whoever we meet. We may not even be aware of the Gospel seeds we are sowing sometimes, and may not see them grow. In fact someone else may have the privilege of seeing the sprouting seedling of faith, and tend it while it grows, maybe even until it blooms.

The growth of the little seedling of unknown origin is also symbolic of the believer’s life of prayer. We live in this world 24/7 until the day when we will eventually leave for the realms of eternity; in our life as believers we need daily sustenance from our Father God. We seek the spiritual food and guidance we need in a life of prayer; seeking God’s presence. As I wasn’t certain of what the seedling was, we are also often uncertain where we are going in life – but we know Him who does know. It is only after time passes and we see the flowers blossom of His care, that we recognise how much He has blessed us.

Dear reader, nurture the seeds of faith planted in you by God, through prayer and the reading of His Holy Word. These seeds will bloom in His perfect timing, after times of trials. Let us keep believing Him, having faith in His constant provision. As the sunflower in my garden we too will bloom and produce seeds – Gospel seeds to sow in our community and home.


28 thoughts on “Good Seed

    1. Greetings sister Faye. Now that our Queen has been committed to Father God Devotional Treasures restarts our regular posts again. May you and your family be richly blessed in Him, Amen. 🙏

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  1. Beautiful picture of how we never know the importance of the seeds we plant or where Go will choose for them to grow. I recall some years back being astonished at the beauty of some oriental poppies that had somehow leaped over the garden wall into the hay field (I suppose the birds or wind aided their escape). We call them volunteers – but in reality, they can only grow where those seeds get planted.

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    1. Good morning Pete, thank you for your precious encouragement brother. In the woodland behind our house I see Agapanthus and other cultivated garden plants that have made it over the fence of gardens in our neighbourhood. God bless you today brother 🙏

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