Even though princes sit and talk against me,
Your servant meditates on Your statutes.

Psalm 119:23 (NASB)

In this Lord’s Day verse from this great Psalm we see David under attack from many powerful enemies. His enemies envied David’s success, knowing it was the product of being a faithful servant of Almighty God. It was this foundation of David’s life that gave him courage and assurance; he knew the God in whom he believed – that He would sustain his chosen servant. David puts his confidence in God and in His Word as his defence.

David’s enemies were motivated by jealousy and hatred; but David had a divine source of his motivation, that his enemies could not take away from him. It reminds me of Paul and Silas in Philippi; persecuted, beaten and imprisoned by the enemies of the gospel. But their enemies could not break their connection with God or His Holy Spirit, no matter the depth of the prison or amount of chains. They had the same confidence in God’s provision as David had in his time of persecution.

Dear reader, you may not be in prison or pursued by men seaking to kill you, but do you have enemies around you? Those who know your love of Jesus and that He has sustained you in life; they are filled with jealousy and hatred for you. Take heart and stand strong in God; cloak yourself in His Word as David did. Sing praises and pray as Paul and Silas did in the dark inner prison. Your Father God will hold you securely, bringing shame on your enemies and glory to His name.


14 thoughts on “Psalm Sunday (119:23)

  1. Alan, thank you for pulling those two verses out. The psalmist kept his attention on God, not on his enemies. His enemies, I take it, were men of power, since they are described as “princes”, but the psalmist did not let that or their threats deter him from spending time meditating on God’s statues. How easy it is to get distracted, but these verses encourage us to keep our attention on God, no matter what.

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    1. Yes John Gill in his commentary attributes this to the “princes” of Sauls reign, but other commentators say it could have been any of several times, maybe even when his son sought to overthrow him? As you rightly say he kept focussed on God his Salvation. May we all learn this valuable lesson.
      God bless you today sister 🙏


    1. Yes indeed, or even when church members avoid you because you shine a light on them by your example. Been there experienced it, not that long ago either. We don’t need them but they need Him just as much as we do.


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