A stroll along the side of the Eden River, Cupar, Fife.
Photography courtesy of Ben Bremner, https://www.facebook.com/ben.bremner3

But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn,
That shines brighter and brighter until the full day.

Proverbs 4:18 (NASB)

Summer is fading gracefully into the horizon as the days get steadily shorter and the nights longer. The temperatures are dipping lower in stages, soon we will see the mixed flocks of wild birds fluttering from tree to tree in search of berries, stocking up for the cold months ahead. The wild bramble season is upon us if my memory serves me right from my childhood. Iremember I would set off early in the mornng from the village as the sun was just rising, traipsing through the dew laden fields and wooded dens. I was laden down with my rucksack with a flask of tea, box of mum’s sandwiches and maybe a biscuit or two if I was lucky. In my hands I carried bags with containers for the brambles. As I picked or rested I watched the sun rise slowly from the horizon, through the trees and eventually to its noontide throne overhead.

These were my memories of some of my childhood as I pondered today’s verse from Proverbs; particularly of watching the sun rise in the Autumnal sky. The life of the believer is amply illustrated by a single day; as we grow in Him and His Word we rise and rise, until our noonday best. And yes, the sun descends again as the light of the sun fades until it sets below the horizon – and so it is with our earthly life as someday we will succumb to the dark night. But hallelujah, this is not our end … the sun rises once more on our New Day in a very different place!

Dear reader, our life on earth is temporary and fleeting in the realms of eternity. Let us use it wisely, and be counted amongst His righteous children. Through His Word in our life we shine righteously to His glory as we rise, and as the noonday sun shines, showering God’s light as our testimony. Some of us are past the noonday of our life, but we are not finished bringing glory to God our Father – we are His glorious sunsets painting this sin sick world with a Kaleidoscope of His redeeming love. Will you shine beautifully for Him today?


12 thoughts on “A Shining Life

  1. What can I add to what I have commented before?. What a blessed start to the new Season. Thank you for beautiful teaching and Gaither video. We here are now in Spring. It is expected to be much wetter than is normal but the sunlight ever breaks through , May you always feel and KNOW the Light of His LOVE upon you and yours, brother on the Way.

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    1. Thank you for your loving words in Christ our Lord and Saviour; they are a great source of encouragement to me Faye. May our Father God be ever near you and your family sister, Amen. 🙏


  2. I like your poetic writing style, brother. Consuming them is light and easy as eating a tea cake but having the nutritional substance of a beef steak in spiritual sustenance.

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  3. We need to shine brighter, for just as the actual sunlight of the fall days are getting shorter, the days we are living in are getting darker too. You keep being your shiny self brother!


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