My soul breaks with longing
For Your judgments at all times.

Psalm 119:20 (NKJV)

The longing of the soul can never over-reach its object. Charles Bridges.

We all remember the pain of being separated from a loved one at some point in our life; be it a parent, child or spouse. If the separation is temporary, the eventual reunion is sweet and joyful. But death may be the cause of separation as is the case with my dear mum who was promoted to Glory some years ago; the heartbreak is continuous. In such circumstances heartbreak is a crucial part of a life process; the proof of a deep love shared and the motivation to dwell on the loveliness of a life shared now and in eternity. This is the heartbreak that the psalmist speaks of in our verse on this Lord’s Day.

What we are talking of here is not the prayers and seeking of God by the believer, but the condition of the heart that prays and seeks. In life we can discern between those who simply meet us and those who earnestly dwell in our presence; whose heart is invested with ours. David sought Almighty God and His Word with a depth of love that strained his heart and very being; it is in such that Heaven’s blessings are surely granted.

Dear reader, how intense and deep is your longing for your Father God? C.H. Spurgeon said “our desire after the mind of God should be constant. We should feel holy longings at all times.”  Our life should be in a continual process of deep seeking the heart of our Fsther God and His Son our Saviour, rather than a dutiful meeting. Is your heart breaking to know God more intimately today?

20 thoughts on “Psalm Sunday (119:20)

    1. I found this a challenging one to write, I found the Word asking me how deep is my longing for God and His Word. Thank you for your precious encouragement brother David, God bless you on this Lord’s Day πŸ™

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  1. We all need Jesus. But it’s too easy to I forget that as life’s ups and downs wash around us and over us.

    A daily check is needed by us to ensure we are ever seeking Jesus and His peace, and not just ‘peace and quiet’

    Andy B

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    1. Good morning Jim (0016am in Scotland), thank you for sharing your word of testimony brother. It is encouraging to know that something i struggled with has been able to help someone. You are in my prayers brother; may our Father God be near you ministering to your personal needs and lifting you up, Amen.

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