Markinch, Fife.
Photo by Alan Kearns.

My soul waits in silence for God only;
From Him is my salvation.

Psalm 62:1 (NASB)

Have you been in a surgery waiting room lately? I was in one recently amongst a number of people waiting for their appointments in silence. Mind you nowadays the silence is often broken by a communal tv or radio, which I must confess I find annoyingly intrusive. Indeed finding silence in our world can be very difficult, right now I can hear the rhythmic hum and rumble of the washing machine in the kitchen. In the garden earlier the silence was broken frequently by doors slamming and cars in the neighbourhood. “Oh Lord, just give some peace and quiet please!” I often pray.

Sometimes I find time to take a drive to a woodland carpark at the top of our hill to find some silence. Yes there are twittering of birds and buzzing of insects, but they are as our Creator intended, to soothe our soul. Considering all the drama and strife in David’s life, it is reassuring that he too felt the need to seek God in silence. He could have been forgiven for having a good cry, but he chose silence before Almighty God. The silence practiced here is not an empty vacuum of nothingness; it is dûmîyâh in Hebrew – a quiet waiting, a rest. It is an expectant waiting in hope of a compassionate God. In Him alone is our salvation found; that being deliverance from and victory over trials.

Dear reader, where is your quiet place with God? That place where you can escape from others, technology and traffic. In Him alone is our salvation, both daily and eternally. He will bless you as you seek Him brethren.

10 thoughts on “Silently Seeking Him

    1. Hi Barbara, sorry fir being so late in responding…it has been a long busy day here today. I am enjoying quiet now though!
      I generally like mornings too, but I find late night/early morning easier.


    1. We discovered a lovely benefit of our new patio area just recently, that it is lighted by our property security lights at night. It makes a beautiful place to sit in the late summer nights under the trees, watching the bats in the clear night sky.

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  1. I’m rejuvenated by silence in God’s creation. It can be in a dense forest of trees, beside a babbling brook, in a garden, near the crags of a bluff, in the vastness of an open plain, or on the splendor of a mountain trail. Each offers serenity and puts me in a spirit of awe and wonder. Those are my favored types of “silent” places, but on a more routine basis, it is in a chair or at a table in my home.

    I’m so glad our God is unlimited! He can provide the necessary silence in the stillness of our hearts. God bless you, Alan.

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    1. Thank you for sharing some of your favourite places to find serenity. I love the woods and hills just beside my home, but I haven’t been able to go up there much lately. I was enjoying the sunny patio just outside the front door earlier, it wasn’t completely silent but it was serene – God is so good to us.

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