I am a stranger in the earth;
Do not hide Your commandments from me.

Psalm 119:19 (NASB)

This Lord’s Day verse made me smile, I could imagine King David proclaiming this statement of dependence on God’s Word and a future home in the Gloryland. As I meditated on David’s words I was immediately reminded of that old Jim Reeves classic “This World Is Not My Home”, which was a family favourite in our home. I remember my mum singing it longing for the day when her own mum would welcome her to the Gloryland; as I listen to it myself now I long for exactly the same welcome someday from my mum.

David realised this world was but a waystation, an inn on the road to the believer’s true home. A lengthy journey requires a guide, be it a map or a satnav – each being a connection to a primary source. There are many alternative sources of directions in this world, many of which will lead us astray. Our verse today points to the necessity of folowing His commandments; the only way of Holiness.

Dear reader, every day spent in this world is a day closer to our home in the Gloryland with our Lord and Saviour. Let us follow Him and our Guide Book every day, lest we lose our way in this strange world.

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