I will sing of the lovingkindness of the Lord forever;
To all generations I will make known Your faithfulness with my mouth.

Psalm 89:1 (NASB)

The greatest reference for any business is from existing satisfied customers “by word of mouth.” I have known such businessmen who have successfully provided excellent service and who have never needed to advertise to attract new customers. Their happy customers bring their family and friends to the company.

As I meditated on today’s verse it occurred to me that the church should be full of happy customers, also recommending it to their nearest and dearest. That is not to recommend the music or the Pastor alone, but primarily to speak highly of the God that they find in the fellowship.

Dear reader, do you sing of your Father God as David did; making known His faithfulness with your mouth at every opportunity each day? We had a saying in the mining villages; “He/she sang like a Lintie” – a Lintie being a Linnet, a bird of the hedgerows renowned for its long and beautiful song. Is our life a long sustained praise song in the hedgerows of life in how God blesses us; do we sing like a Lintie each day?

12 thoughts on “Singing Like A Lintie

  1. And if only the best Linties sang, how silent the hedgerows would be! Each of us has a song to share with others—one that God puts in our hearts. We must be faithful to share that melody with all of our hearts. Great post, brother!
    PS. I greatly enjoyed our video chat today!

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    1. Thank you for your wise comments David; very true indeed – we must share whatever He gives us to His Glory.
      It was a pleasure to chat with you and to say “hi” to your better half 😊

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  2. Thank you Alan. You have put a song in my heart for this new day. Magpies and kookaburras are probably not as sweet sounding as your linties but it is so true each one of us today will sing of His Goodness and Presence in our lives. Blessings ALL!

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  3. I love that closing question Alan- “Is our life a long sustained praise song in the hedgerows of life in how God blesses us; do we sing like a Lintie each day?” So, your post sent me in search of a video that has captured the Lintie’s song. How delightful it must be to walk along a hedgerow that is filled with such a happy song.

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    1. In the past linnets were trapped by miners to interbreed with their canaries, in the hope that the domestic birds would inherit the wild bird’s song. Naturally this is a long lost practice outlawed nowadays. God bless you sister 🙏

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  4. I look forward to your posts daily. The photos posted are magnificent. What a beautiful country you have. I am surrounded by cardinals and the cutest hummingbird, (who refuses to share the nectar I put out), what a blessing to get quiet and enjoy the sounds of the creatures God has given. The woodpeckers are fun to watch as they chip away for their “daily bread”, the owls at night can be heard 1/2 a mile away. Blessings to all

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    1. It is Tuesday evening (9.05pm) and the twilight is fading fast on what has been a lovely day. We had the pleasure of sitting out in our garden watching the bees and butterflies going from flower to flower – God is Good indeed!
      Thank you so much for your lovely words of encouragement; such compliments make my writing for Him all the more precious. You truly are blessed to have so many birds nearby to cheer your heart in Him. I pray that our Father God will be near you, blessing and guiding you in your every step for Him.


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