The Old Man of Storr on Skye from last week after a climb up to near the top of the Storr for sunrise.
Photography courtesy of Neil McDade,

Let me hear Your lovingkindness in the morning;
For I trust in You;
Teach me the way in which I should walk;
For to You I lift up my soul.

Psalm 143:8 (NASB)

Today is #Testimony Tuesday, and I want to share a testimony from last Sunday in the hope it will encourage some of you in your walk with God. Our story begins on Sunday morning as I drive to church, when I usually pray as I approach the car park between church and the Food Warehouse store. My prayer was “Father God, I come to Your house not to be served, but that I may serve – both You and others.” As is my habit I asked for His guidance to those that He wanted to me to speak with that day.

As I entered the church foyer I was greeted warmly by a sister, but who apparently was not supposed to be on “Meet & Greet” and had to leave to attend to her own designated duties. In the absence of the scheduled person it was apparent to me that here was an answer to my prayer of a few minutes earlier; I took up the duty cheerfully all the time praising God for such a clear guidance. As the service began I entered the sanctuary and my usual seat was filled, I sat nearby beside a lady who I had only met briefly previously. Here was another Divine appointment that day; after the service this lady and I had a time of sharing testimony which was lovely. I felt lead to specifically ask whether she needed a drive home, which she joyfully accepted. As I was driving home after saying goodbye to this sister I found myself offering a prayer of thanksgiving to God for answered prayer that morning – what a loving God we serve!

Part two of Sunday’s testimony still astounds me today. We received an urgent phone call from a neighbour that evening about her husband who had taken the dog for a walk two hours ago; she was concerned as he has progressive Alzheimers. It is significant that these elderly friends are believers, for what I am about to share shows Father God caring for His children. I went out around the neighbourhood in the car, stopping and speaking to anyone who might have seen him. As time marched on we eventually had a small army of neighbours scouring the streets and woodland paths in our precinct, eventually the police were called who deployed dogs to search the woods. Our daughter heard of all this from Susan, and despite the fact she lived twenty minutes away in a coastal town jumped in her car to come help. She co-ordinated with her mum, telling her she was going to drive through the town centre on her way to our end of town. It was during this that Amy glanced in her rear view mirror, and saw our neighbour and his dog standing beside the Food Warehouse store – over three miles away from his home! She got both very tired walkers in her car and phoned home: “Mum I have him! He will be home in two minutes!” I cannot begin to explain to you what joy and relief filled our wee street that night; and our pride in our daughter for caring enough to follow what her heart guided her to do.

Dear readers, let me be crystal clear in what I share with you today – I did nothing other than following what God had me do under His guidance. All the glory in these incidents belongs completely to Him, and Him alone. I prayed and He heard and answered my prayers; He can and will do the same for you today if you would call on Him – He will show you His direction. The finding of our neighbour was not coincidence, it was a God-incidence – Divine intervention in the ordinary lives of men and in the lives of those who follow Him. I have every confidence not only that God intervened, but that He will continue to do so if we are faithful children and call on Him. Will you be seeking His direction today?

18 thoughts on “Seeking His Direction

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Alan. It’s not rocket science, is it? God wants us to hear his voice and follow his instructions – such as finding that dear man and his dog. Sometimes it sounds like our own thoughts, our own good idea. But it was HIS idea! Be blessed today, abundantly.

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    1. I can’t remember where I first heard the term “God-incidence”, but I loved it so much in favour of “coincidence” which itself is a lie of the devil. I have used it in a few posts in the last couple of years. God bless you sister.


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