Sunrise from the Quiraing, Isle of Skye.
Photography courtesy of Ben Bremner,

They will still yield fruit in old age;
They shall be full of sap and very green,

Psalm 92:14 (NASB)

In previous devotionals I have written about Godly men and women who guided my steps closer to God in my youth. Many of these saints were in their sixties, seventies and even eighties; and thus many of them are now at rest with their Lord now. In this the third verse I am now quoting from Psalm 92, the righteous in God’s kingdom have reached old age but are far from finished working for Him. In this world we are told when we must step aside and retire from work; but as a Godly man once said to me “I can’t find retirement anywhere in my Bible!” Certainly when you read the accounts of the great men of the Bible they were finished when God said so, not when man said so.

The righteous man (or woman) of God grows old and flourishes in His care over the years as they follow Him, “they still yield fruit in old age.” It is in following Him faithfully day by day, reading and meditating on His Word, that they are then “full of sap and very green.” The sap of the Word runs in their veins guided by the Holy Spirit, strengthening them in spiritual matters that they may bear holy fruit amongst the young saplings of their family and church.

Dear reader, as the palm tree bears fruit in old age so will you for God your Father. Like a fine wine or single malt that ages well, so do you in God’s Word. The treasures of Godly wisdom are the fruit of your old age, to share with your children, grandchildren and young believers in your life. This is your service for Him who saved you all these years ago. An old brother once said to me: “I will keep serving Him until He calls me…then I will be off Home!” Thus someday you will hear His voice “well done My good and faithful servant,” as He beckons you Home with Him.


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