The Kelpies on the Forth and Clyde Canal, near Falkirk. Photography courtesy of Ben Bremner,

Because Your lovingkindness is better than life,
My lips will praise You.
So I will bless You as long as I live;
I will lift up my hands in Your name.

Psalms 63:3-4 (NASB)

As I read these two precious verses this morning I am reminded of Liz, a dear sister in Christ. She was a spiritual mum to me in my youth; she taught me more about worship and prayer than anyone else. She was not a great scholar or theologian, but she lived her Bible as well as reading it. She applied it to her life each day, often sharing it with great excitement what the Lord had shown her that day. Our Father God draws us alongside such precious souls to guide us along His Way for the road ahead.

After a few years we parted company as God took me to Stockton-On-Tees, but thanks to Liz I was prepared for what lay ahead of me. As the years advanced I learned to rely upon His presence and lovingkindness regardless of any trials; He assured me in the dark times, and I was able to sing His praises regardless of circumstances. Yet in the darkest times, when I had no voice to sing I silently lifted my hands in surrender to Him. I remember them even today, the overwhelming comfort of His presence reassured me beyond any words I could write for you. It was the presence of His Spirit beyond any doubt.

Dear reader, your Father God loves you beyond measure! Make that the rock that you cling to in darkness of your trials; and sing His praise audibly. There is power in your voice (for both good and bad); lift it up in adoration of Him. Lifting up Holy hands to Heaven is simple but an effective guide to your heart. Your surrendered heart will be seen and heard, and His Spirit will draw near to you.

24 thoughts on “Singing In The Dark

  1. Thank you sincerely. Could you please explain to me what the kelpies in your image represent. .It is a beautiful image,
    In Oz kelpies are a much loved breed of dogs, Working dogs bred for intelligence and fierce loyalty. Our son rescued one and she lived with us for several years when he went overseas to study. He spoke to her on the phone and even the vet was overwhelmed by how his voice calmed her at the end of her life.

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    1. In Scottish folklore,Ā a kelpie is a dangerous shape-shifting water creature that can appear on land as a horse. The kelpie appears to their human victims as a grey or white horse, entices them to ride on their back, then carries them down to a watery grave. But to me they are just beautiful sculptures on the canal side near Falkirk in Scotland. I remember an old Shepherd who was in a nursing home I worked at who had his last working dog with him, Fly was an Australian Kelpie, a beautiful and intelligent dog. God bless you and your family dear sister.


  2. Thanks Alan. I have preached on this verse and sung it hundreds of times but never saw the lifting of our hands as a worship we can offer when we don’t even have a voice to sing. Yes, I need this some days myself and will be sure to share that with my precious brothers and sisters in nursing care this week. Have a blessed week my friend.


  3. “She applied it to her life each day, often sharing it with great excitement what the Lord had shown her that day.”

    the above sums up perfectly a person of faith…it isn’t what we read or think, but what we do…if we aren’t moved by the word of God, then we’re just not reading it right!

    Andy B

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    1. Exactly right Andy! At the time I write about Liz was really into “Streams In The Desert” and would bring it into the bookshop with her, open at that mornings devotion sharing it with everyone. It makes me smile to remember those days, it was beautiful. It gives us the question “what do we do with the gems from His Word that we find each day?”


    1. Lovingkindness is a much used term in the NASB, probably more than other Bible translations. I think it is a much deeper understanding of the original Biblical texts.
      The picture is of mythological horses called Kelpies. God bless you sister šŸ™


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