With my lips I have told of
All the ordinances of Your mouth.

Psalm 119:13 (NASB)

On this Lord’s Day we turn our attention to the work of the tongue in our life. We all know people who talks a lot, probably across many subjects. On occasion with certain friends who know they have a tendency to talk a lot they need reminding to take a breath now and again; my favourite line with my close friends who forget to stop is “I have bought you a gift…a comma!” which usually gets the point across amidst some laughter. So much talk in our world is of very little value, and may be even properly labelled gossip. As believers in God and the guidance of His Holy Word we are called throughout His Word to avoid empty chatter.

In verse 11 we found the psalmist saying he hid God’s Word in his heart, to avoid sin. In this verse today we are seeking to pour out that treasured Word of God, in His service each day. It is our family obligation as a child of God to speak up when pertinent, for His righteousness sake. When speaking it is not in our own pride, but in the name of Almighty God.  Albert Barnes the Bible Commentator goes one step further calling it our duty to defend and vindicate the Bible. Based upon that statement the day when we have been in worldly conversation and have neglected opportunities to speak a word for our Father God, is a wasted day.

Dear reader, may I ask you how often do you chat about the Word of God with others, believers and unbelievers? How often do we chat about the latest tv show or sports event that excites us, but we can’t talk of that which excites our soul – the Word of God? If our heart was so filled with His Word we would be so excited by it nothing and no one would be able to silence us. This was the case with Peter and John who were imprisoned for preaching the Word of God in the temple; they were ordered to not speak such things again, but they answered boldly “whether it is right in the sight of God to give heed to you rather than to God, you be the judge; for we cannot stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.” (Acts 4:19-20). My dear brethren, can you proclaim this today?

27 thoughts on “Psalm Sunday (119:13)

      1. Skit guys did a great video about bringing Jesus out only for the Nativity scene….and how He really should be for more than just a few days a year…that He wasn’t just an ornament!

        Yes, yes!

        Andy B

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  1. “The day when we have been in worldly conversation and have neglected opportunities to speak a word for our Father God, is a wasted day.” Wow Alan! That statement stopped me short and got me thinking. Thank you! We just returned from two internet free weeks in the mountains so I’m still catching up on my wordpress reading. I know I have more encouraging and exhorting devotional treasures to enjoy. Here in the states we are celebrating Father’s day so I extend a Happy Father’s Day greeting to you.

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    1. Thank you Beth, it is Father’s Day here too, which is a tad confusing as our Mother’s Days are on different dates. It is so important to have a break from Internet and reconnect deeply with the Creator and His Creation. God bless you all today sister.

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      1. Oh right 😆
        I had forgotten about that one haha.
        To be honest I borrowed that line years ago from Billy Connolly…I have used it many times. Sometimes well received, sometimes not haha.

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