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The Lord is good,
A stronghold in the day of trouble,
And He knows those who take refuge in Him.

Nahum 1:7 (NASB)

An editted repost from December 2020.

I made reference to storm shelters in my last post, which further reminded me of World War 2 communal air raid shelters. In London and other major cities these were underground railway stations, a safe refuge from enemy bombs. Nowadays people take shelter from the worst of extreme weather such as storms seen frequently in the East Coast of the USA, and in Asia from typhoons. But sometimes we need to seek refuge from the storms of life itself, when all is not going well or health is not good, either for ourself or a loved one.

Today’s verse refers directly to God’s people being persecuted by the Assyrian hoardes in Nineveh, reminding them that He sees their trouble – God is Good. But what struck me as a great encouragement was that “He knows those who take refuge in Him.” He sees His children and knows their troubles, as a child snuggles into mum’s leg before a stranger we cling to our Father in times of trouble. He is our source of salvation and strength, He delivers us because we seek His refuge (Psalm 37:39-40).

Dear reader, take heart in your time of trouble for your Father God sees it too – He is Good. He feels you clinging to Him and hears your prayers of desperation. He saves and strengthens us by His Might, securing us in His safe haven until the storm passes by.

25 thoughts on “His Safe Haven

  1. “He knows them who take refuge in Him” also implies that, when trouble comes, God’s expecting us. We have a “saved seat” in His indestructible shelter. Amen, brother! It’s early morning, here, and I’m drinking my coffee outside on the porch while listening to the birds. I pray your day is going well. His best to you always!

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    1. Yes David, He has all our circumstances covered, praise His name! Do I remember rightly, you did a post not so long ago about a storm shelter? It’s just past midday here in a sunny but windy Fife, and the temperature has dropped quite a bit. We are just relaxing watching tennis at the moment. May you and your family have a blessed weekend brother 🙏

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      1. Yes, I wrote about our tornado shelter.🌪 Thankfully, the threat for such severe weather is shrinking by the day, as summer is setting in on the Southern Plains of the USA. The wind will likely pick up today after sun up, which just happened a few minutes ago. I had to come in; the mosquitos 🦟 want to eat me for breakfast! Blessings, brother.

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  2. What a beautiful image of truth in your devotion. The line, “as a child snuggles into mum’s leg before a stranger. . .” evokes a feeling of safety and security. The very things our LORD provides when we seek refuge in Him. Yehovah bless you and your family.

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    1. I must admit I enjoy re-reading these old posts…it is a bit like discovering a new blog for me, as was the case with this one. I was thrilled to read that line too Manette; such gifts are from the Spirit being active in the writing process.

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  3. Having lived in the mid-western United States, I remember tornado warnings and going into a shelter in the ground. What a great picture, God is our safe haven storm shelter! I can be snug and cozy riding out the storm in Him.

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