Sunrise over Lundy, North of Dundee, Scotland.
Photography courtesy of Ben Bremner,

The Lord appeared to him and said, “Do not go down to Egypt; stay in the land of which I shall tell you.”

Genesis 26:2 (NASB)

Recently as I read a devotional by a dear sister on the theme of courageous journeys of immigrants from Europe to America. Then there are the examples seen in scripture of such journeys by Moses, Joshua, and Joseph and Mary. As I meditated on these it occurred that our lives are also journeys, as believers following the guidance of the Almighty. On reflection of my own past I could pick out occasions where He not only guided me,  but moments when He said no and held me back from going elsewhere.

In my childhood I admired my dad’s adventures in the Royal Air Force, and I grew up determined to follow in his footsteps. These long held dreams were scuppered by a medical emergency and lifelong condition which made military service and leaving Scotland impossible. In my youth I did leave Scotland but only briefly for a few months, as God drew me back north to meet my love and soon to be wife. A few years later when I was graduating from university in Dundee I was offered a lucrative position in the NHS, in Wales; but yet again my health intervened keeping us in Scotland. Further still He brought us as a family from Dundee to Fife, and eventually to Glenrothes where we are now.

Dear reader, God does direct our steps in our short lives just as He did the steps of Abraham in our verse today. God held Abraham from going to Egypt which seemed right in his own eyes; the Almighty had other plans to guide and prosper Abraham in serving Him. This is the case in our lives too, as God  guides our steps. Take time to reflect on your life and see how He has both held you back and lead you, all to His Glory and to prosper you.

This post was inspired by “Courageous Adventure”, by sister Manette Kay.

22 thoughts on “When God Says No

  1. It’s a good thing to look back on our journey with God and see the spiritual markers. You and I enjoy the same kindof music, brother. Thanks for the video clip. Another suitable song is “Remind me, dear Lord.” 🎶Roll back the curtain of memory, now and then. Show me where you brought me from and where I could have been.🎶

    His richest blessings to you always, brother.

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    1. The funny thing is that I wasn’t aware of His guiding at the time, it was only in later reflection I saw it. The beauty of this is that when such times occur again I can relate to the past and trust His hand in my life now. He is a Good Father indeed!

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  2. I didn’t always like God’s answer at the moment but as I look over my life it’s so easy to see his hand moving me and my family along. I’ve learned to like even his nos. He is good and wants good for us-we only need to follow.

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