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The mind of man plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.

Proverbs 16:9 (NASB)

Yesterday I was driving to the village of Markinch via a lovely country road, the road was lined with various tall trees and hedges bordering stubble fields. The sun was shining through the canopy of the trees and occasionally the road turned a corner so that I could see the hills of East Fife. Suddenly my journey was interrupted by a car flashing its lights frantically as I approached, we slowed and pulled along side each other. I was expecting news of some serious accident in the road ahead, but I was asked whether this road would lead to Cupar. After the initial shock I duly supplied the needed information that with two turns my fellow driver would be on the road to Cupar. As I drove off I thought how rare it is these days that someone should ask for directions, but I had been happy to oblige.

My imagination wouldn’t let go of the incident; I remembered the story of a famous Dundee preacher being stopped mid-sermon by a lad running down the aisle of the church asking that he direct her to Heaven; “Sir, what must I do to be saved!” Being asked for directions to Cupar is one thing, but imagine someone in distress asking you how they could be saved? “If you were to be asked such a question today Alan, could you answer it?” I asked myself as I drove into my parking spot in Markinch. I would do my level best, but I know that it is not about my abilities alone for such things are the work of God’s will for individuals. I only need to be faithful and willing when He brings the opportunity.

Dear reader, what about you? Are you able and willing to offer directions to Heaven if asked for them by some stranger today? If yes is your answer, be prepared in prayer, for someday God may send someone to you seeking directions. I am ready and happy to provide directions throughout Fife, and hopefully to anyone looking for Heaven too.

42 thoughts on “Directions To Heaven

  1. This is an excellent comparison, brother! Can we give folk directions to heaven like we tell them how to get somewhere on Earth? It sounds simple enough, and the miracle of the gospel truly is, but what about in practice? Your post is a call for some soul searching. Blessings!

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    1. Hi Andy, this was the idea that I lost I mentioned last night…the Spirit reminded me as I played the day back in my head, Hallelujah!
      I agree that we should prepare ourselves for these rare occasions when folk ask us directly what we believe, I had one about a month ago at chess with a friend. The best response I think is our testimony in some wee way, and a piece of literature to give away if appropriate. At present I don’t have any such literature in my car, maybe I should fix that out.

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  2. Hello, new blogger and new follower.

    I have always felt that we should live our lives in such a way that we are living testimonies. Itโ€™s the little things. The daily walk. Keeping connected to our Father in heaven so that we are aware of the opportunities He brings across the path of our lives.

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    1. Hi Mandy, the sunset is certainly well captured by Nathan in this photo. I think I could stated myself more clearly regarding occasions to give directions to Heaven; I was meaning that the opportunities we have may be a minute or two in a meeting and can be easily missed. Statistically such opportunities are few in my week, thus I must harvest them wisely.

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  3. It has always been my job when we are traveling to have the good old fashioned map or atlas on my lap providing directions. I pray that I may be someone’s map today to give them directions to Jesus, so they don’t make a wrong turn and get lost! Or for you younger readers, you can be the Garmin navigator for those around you.

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      1. Lol I just asked my wife who is Danny Glover so in terms of asking questions from each otherโ€™s comment we are now tied 1-1 ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

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  4. Alan, I love the application of that verse “The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps” to a prayer that “someday God may send someone to you seeking directions” to heaven. I need to now incorporate this to my daily prayers. Thank you for the inspiration.

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    1. Thank you for your precious words of encouragement Beth, this prayer has more importance in relation to today’s post “Catching Strays” with reference to backsliders. God bless you today sister ๐Ÿ™

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