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Now the Lord spoke to Moses in the plains of Moab by the Jordan opposite Jericho…

Numbers 35:1 (NASB)

Just recently I shared a memorable true story from my youth and a youth training scheme in the village named Community Industries; unemployed young folk gained some basic work skills in basic maintenance and groundworks. The subject of our story was a lad who had been instructed to “paint the windows”… and he literally did, the wooden frames and glass panes finished in a glossy white paint! I can tell you he wasn’t required the next day or any days afterwards, but to be fair the instructions were not precise enough for him. At home or in work we take instructions throughout our entire life; this is also the case for the child of God, as we see in our short verse today where Moses receives instructions from Almighty God.

In leading the people of Israel from Egypt and through the wilderness God often spoke to Moses. These were times when specific instructions were needed to guide Moses and the Israelies; all to fulfill God’s Holy plan of salvation. Our verse today precedes the instructions of the provisions to be made for the Levites, the priests of the Tabernacle service – they stood between the people and God. When God spoke with Moses He spoke directly to him, and also to his heart. In this there was no doubt as to who was speaking, and what His instructions were.

Dear reader, our God has not changed since those days in the wilderness – He still talks to us today as we walk with Him. His methods may have changed, but His need to be heard by those who serve Him is still valid. He speaks to us in various ways today; by His Spirit communing with us in prayer, through His Holy Word as we read it (which we must do if we want to hear Him!), through circumstances and those we meet each day, and through our own sleep. In our life our Father God will use any number of ways and incidents to make sure we hear Him; when God repeats Himself there can be no doubt who is speaking. Are you listening now for His instructions to you? 


44 thoughts on “When God Speaks

  1. God certainly speaks. Do not be afraid of His Voice in your heart and mind. He will never instruct you outside of His Will. But, on my own journey of life I testify He has spoken to me, yes, dreams, visions but also in words in my heart. I knew it was God! Once to save me from continuing a wrong study programme. ‘Close your book. Politely excuse yourself and never come back here again!’
    I knew it was God and I left. I was enjoying the lectures BUT it was and is a cult I was being drawn into.
    When you truly KNOW the Saviour you would not be deceived. I was still on a journey of discovery. I thank God now I know, God the Holy Spirit always points to Calvary. I am grateful indeed for my whole life and journey.

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    1. What makes sense to us isn’t necessarily gonna make sense to others.

      But that peace of God is always worth pursuing. Well done for following that still, small voice.

      I always find it so encouraging when people go against logic in favour of faith.

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    1. Good day Gary! At least I gave you a wee laugh before launching the question at you, haha πŸ˜„ You are not alone in this one, I have to raise my hand too on this. May our Father God continue to guide and bless you today brother πŸ™

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    1. That poor lad went on years later to be a rock n roll dance champion at some regional events, and also the person who burned our village railway station to the ground!
      My wife says I am trying too brother. 😁

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  2. If you don’t wake up expecting to hear from God, you won’t hear Him when He does speak to you. Take a second and just say what Samuel said. “10 Now the Lord came and stood and called as at other times, β€œSamuel! Samuel!”
    And Samuel answered, β€œSpeak, for Your servant hears.” – 1 Samuel 3:10

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  3. God is always reaching out to us, blessing our steps, calling to us as His beloved children. We are so blessed to encounter Him in a myriad of ways. His love comes to us like springtime, always new, always refreshing our souls, always meeting us wherever we happen to be.

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    1. I apply the songs basically because such songs are very important to me in my walk with God, I am blessed to know that they bring joy to others such as yourself Donna. May we draw close to Him in song and in prayer.

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