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Welcome to the sixth instalment of Devotional Treasures News, allbeit a few days later than expected due to health reasons. The last weekend has been difficult thanks to pain and the resulting lack of sleep. In this though I refuse to listen to the lies of Satan trying to discourage me, thus I continue to write for God when I can.

I begin today by praising Father God regardless of current trials afflicting my body; He answers my prayers and those of dear brethren who lift me in prayer. This is clearly seen in the inspiration of His Spirit showing me new projects ahead for Devotional Treasures. Undated but in my drafts are the possible beginnings of two series; one on the priestly garments in the Old Testament and the other on the “Angel of the Lord” also in the Old Testament.

But I am quite excited by the next project, which will be a long commitment of a verse by verse devotional of Psalm 119 beginning this coming Sunday. There have been some excellent expository studies on this psalm in recent times, especially by sister Mandy, which I would heartily recommend to you if you have not read her series. This new project will be purely a verse by verse devotional taking over three years…I am in no hurry. The series was named by Susan, my dear wife: “Psalm Sunday (119:1)” being the first post. Naturally I am busy reading on this subject, two books that I am reading at present are “The Golden Alphabet” by C.H. Spurgeon and “Exposition of Psalm 119” by Charles Bridges. Both books are freely available as pdfs on Monergism which is a great resource for many Christian pdfs.

I haven’t read quite as many posts in the last week due to being busy at home, but the ones I do share I recommend highly. I always love reading posts on prayer, and Prayer – Being Confident was no exception written by sister Nicola. It is always worthwhile to remind yourself of the basics of prayer; Nicola does an excellent job here detailing the steps to fruitful prayer. In the post On God’s Time by a medical student I was impressed by this individuals approach to the issue of our mortality and wise use of our time. It is in my opinion a unique perspective and a challenging thought. Forgiving The Unforgivable by sister Crissy was a powerful message on forgiving those who hurt us; It certainly ministered to me when I read it intensely. Ladies of The Night by StopAndPrayTV was a lovely reminder of a story I had heard in my Salvation Army days, a third party testimony about former Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. It is a great story! A Memory And A Prayer is a beautiful audio devotional story by sister Faye from Australia; I remembered this story but was still blessed by it again, and delighted by Faye’s soothing Australian accent. Finally, today I was blessed by brother Michael’s post What Is The Parable of The Loving Father? which retold my favourite parable, giving proper focus on the loving Father. How much our Father loves each of us – hallelujah!

Dear reader, thank you for reading these ramblings from this old Fifer. I thank our Father God for each of you, that He would continue to guide you, and provide for your every need in His perfect timing.


29 thoughts on “Devotional Treasures News No.6

    1. Good morning Barbara, your words make me smile for sure! 😁
      Me? A rock star…that would upset the music industry, haha. Let me tell you I have a singing voice like a cow mooing in the fog. But I am very appreciative of your loving words which lift me up as I wait on my painkillers working this morning. May our Father God smile on us all. May He guide you and bless you warmly this morning dear sister.


    1. Hi Mandy, I am so thankful for you and Nathan. Your kindness and prayers are a constant source of encouragement to this auld Fifer. May He reward you both, blessing you richly in His Word and most of all His beautiful presence.

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  1. You’re a true inspiration to us Alan. Thank you for mentioning my post. That’s really appreciated. Looking forward to reading your new posts on priestly garments and the Angel of the Lord. Bless you and will be praying for you. Have a good week ahead.

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    1. Hi (again) Nicola, thank you for your precious words of encouragement. As I say I have no date yet for these posts, I just wanted to share what His Spirit was guiding me into. Your prayers are much appreciated and do make a difference, praise God who hears and responds to prayers! May He bless you and specifically your pen for Him.

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    1. Thank you Deano, your kind words and prayers are an encouragement to me. May our Father God guide you and your writing for Him, may He bless you in the riches of His Word and His presence, Amen.

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    1. Thank you Manette, God is good in ALL circumstances. I endeavour not to be distracted by the failings of my body from the eternal matters of everlasting life in Him…after all someday I will get an upgrade in Heaven, Hallelujah!

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. I will decline reading the page you sent, seeking my destiny through angels is not Biblical. My destiny is settled in Heaven by my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and our Father God. Rather than seeking angels I seek my Lord daily in the Word of God and by prayer. Such angelic based material is a deception of Satan, diverting folk from seeking God. I would urge you to seek the Creator rather than the creature.


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