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In The Time of Your Favour by David Kitz was the original inspiration for this devotional thought.

But as for me, my prayer is to You, O Lord, at an acceptable time;
O God, in the greatness of Your lovingkindness,
Answer me with Your saving truth.

PSALM 69:13 (NASB)

Many of us are familiar with Ecclesiastes 3:1 which says “There is an appointed time for everything. and there is a time for every event under heaven.” Everything in life runs by the clock, God’s clock to be precise. We see this in the movement of the seasons; each with their tell tale signs, such as the leaves under the tree in our photograph today. Thus time is also an important factor in our prayer life, both in how much time we give to it and awaiting God’s answer in His time.

I admit I am not the most patient of individuals with folk and yes, even in prayer with my Father God. I am that kid in the back seat of the car whining “are we there yet?” When His answer to prayer does come I find myself humbled for my impatience with the Almighty; His answer is often far beyond anything I expected and brings glory to His name. What a loving Father He is! At such times I feel as guilty as the kid in the back seat of the car, when he sees what surprise destination dad or mum had in mind all along. These are times to be both humble and thankful, as He blesses us.

  Dear reader, let us learn from the psalmist that we not only wait for but trust God for the best answer. Let our confidence be  not in the clock but in His love for us as children. As our children know we will provide for their every need, we too can have the same confidence in Father God with our prayers.

26 thoughts on “Patient In Prayer

  1. I’m right there in the back seat with you Alan saying, “Are we there yet?” Even worse, I become a back seat driver and start giving directions on how I think the prayer should be answered. Good grief! Oh how grateful I am that the Lord is a longsuffering driver and rather than getting annoyed and kicking me out of the car, He uses the Holy Spirit to convict me of my back seat waywardness. As the songs says, “He makes all things beautiful in His time.” I need to start looking out the window more and enjoying the journey.

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    1. I certainly feel in good company this morning. I appreciate your reply to Alan, no end!

      I often wonder whether God needs my help to ‘get there’, and come up with every excuse under the sun why my plan must be the one God really wanted all along, because nothing is happening – therefore God must have needed my help all along.

      Then we get there and u feel foolish again.

      Once again, thanks for your reply to Alan…it’s encouraging!!

      Andy B

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    2. I love it Beth, “looking out the window and enjoying the journey.” That is the way we should be, holiness chilling! I pray that you are all well and being blessed in Him at home sister.

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  2. Such a wonderful message in this post on a Sunday morning! You are so right…sometimes, )we are very impatient. Thank you for this important reminder to be ‘still’ and wait on God. (Psalm 46:10)

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