Early morning Forth Bridge, Scotland.
Photo courtesy of my good friend Peter Dewar.

For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,

1 TIMOTHY 2 : 5 (NASB)

The beautiful picture above is of the historic Forth Bridge, which one can travel over by train from Fife into Lothian on the way to Scotland’s Capital, Edinburgh. The construction took eight years and the bridge was opened on the 4th March 1890, making it one-hundred and thirty-two years old this year. When completed it was the largest cantilever bridge in the world, until 1919 when Canada’s Quebec Bridge superceded it, but it still remains the second largest to this day. It is the only rail bridge over the River Forth.

As the Forth River separates Fife from Lothian there is a river between mankind and God his Creator; yet it was God’s intention for mankind to live in close proximity to Him as a Father. What separates man from God today is his own rebellion and the sinful life he chooses for himself; mankind is a prodigal son avoiding God just as a naughty child avoids their parents. But like every good parent should God made a way for man to come home to Him, so that He could forgive his sins and show His love to him. He sent His Son Jesus to bring mankind home; He found mankind in sin and He paid the penalty fine of that sin. The penalty for mankinds sins was death, but God’s Son paid all the penalties for everyone. In this Jesus laid a bridge across the chasm of sin that mankind can choose to walk across with Him, into the open arms of Father God.

Dear reader, I share this short message with you today to bring you hope in this broken world we live in. Maybe you have wondered what makes someone a Christian, well here it is in all its simplicity. It is an offer open to the best and the worst of mankind, regardless of how many bad things you have done. God loves you and like the prodigal son’s father He is looking for you coming home. Will you cross His Bridge of Love today?


19 thoughts on “Love Is The Bridge

    1. Thank you Andy. This was written for the WordPress monthly #WordPrompt which I saw as an opportunity to share some Good News with some new readers. Let us pray that it touches some hearts today.

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  1. Jesus laid a bridge across the chasm of sin that mankind can choose to walk across with Him, into the open arms of Father God.

    I’ve never heard this put better, and for me this doesn’t just happen in life – it’s exactly how I see death, too. Thank you for being you, Alan, and for all you see, and share XXXXX

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