Ben Vane on a hot summers day back in August which reached 27c (80f) with views towards Loch Lomond.

Welcome to Devotional Treasures News No.4. This past week has been a quiet one where I have been trying to catch up on reading and household stuff; I found myself having to prioritise how I used time very strictly. A highlight this week was when Nicola’s post It’s All In The Details and my post Building A Lifeboat brought similar messages about God’s instructions in the believer’s life. When two or more writers share closely related messages it is a sure sign of His Spirit at work, which is quite thrilling and an honour to serve Him in such a way. Other posts by brethren had an effect this week, but two in particular stood out for me. “Let Not” by Beholding Him Ministries really touched my heart as I was still a bit tired from my bout of fatique; it encouraged me to let myself not be pulled down by the weight of my trials, but to keep on believing in my Saviour and His Father. In this I realised at such times I needed to drink more from His Well of Living Water; some times we thirst just a little, other days we thirst a lot! “Go And Do Something” by StopAndPrayTV tells a short account of the fervour of General William Booth for the destitute of London, such that he implored his son to “go and do something!” Even though this is story from the past of Victorian England it carries a clear message for today, to “go and do something!” rather than just feel pity or share some kind words when we see some poor soul in need.

This morning I had the privilege of attending the Glenrothes Baptist Church Men’s Breakfast in the town for the first time. I enjoyed fellowship over bacon rolls and coffee with men I had only met briefly after church services previously. Sometimes it is not always about scripture, it is pleasant just to make friends and enjoy company before we read scripture. We watched episode six of a series on the life of Paul (In The Pursuit of Paul : The Apostle by Our Daily Bread) before reading the appropriate passages together. Overall I found this an encouragement, I can’t remember the last time I had fellowship with a group of brothers in Christ.

I remember in a recent talk with someone that I quoted Leonard Ravenhill, a man of God who I recommend. Let me say I don’t usually recommend preacher’s but today I am going to make an exception, thus I recommend these:

Leonard Ravenhill Sermons playlist

Pastor James McConnell of Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle Belfast

Carter Conlon Times Square Church New York

Chuck Smith Thru The Bible Series

David Pawson Unlocking The Old Testament

David Pawson Unlocking The New Testament


18 thoughts on “Devotional Treasures News No.4

      1. Thanks Alan for your ever Faithful Posts, even when your body feels worn down and weary!! May God continue to bless you and make you whole in Jesus’ Name!!

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  1. “go and do something “… love it.
    We look around us and there is always someone we can be kind to, even a smile can light up someone’s day.
    God bless you dear brother Alan.

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