Kinghorn seafront at Sunrise, Fife.
Photo by Ben Bremner,

The pastor of my church (Glenrothes Baptist Church), Rev. Jacob Brothers has been in contact with a church in Moldova at the heart of the present crisis bordering Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦. I share this short message to guide you in prayers for our brethren in Moldova and Ukraine.

I have just been in touch with pastor Constantine Cheptea of Emanuel Baptist Church in Chisneau, Moldova. They are a solid gospel centred Baptist church there on the frontlines of the Ukrainian refugee crisis. This is the church Victor & Adriana and family came from. The church are beginning to welcome refugees into their homes. The following photo is what they are asking prayer for. In days ahead there may be an opportunity to help them with specific needs. They are also very fearful in Moldova that the Russian army will also re-take Moldova as tanks are already going through the eastern part of
their country.

If you would like to follow their church online, their Facebook page is Biserica Baptista Emanuel in Balti There you can follow their updates for prayer (fb gives English translation to posts).


22 thoughts on “Pray For Moldova

  1. Dear Alan, thank you for sending this message. I have passed it on to those in my network who will pray. I believe that the genuine truth, which is unfolding all over Europe and the presence of God’s precious remnant there is not fully known to us. We are so far away here in the US. We watch the newscasts and see the videos of the Ukraine war with Russia, but do not get the full impact. I do hope that Europe knows, and feels, the prayers of God’s people here. We are praying!

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    1. Dear sister, Europe is sitting on a knife edge at present…things are bad but could get worse quickly. I believe we are seeing the beginning of a much wider issue. The threats made by Russia against Finland and Sweden are largely unseen by the news from Ukraine. Many in the UK are nervous about our governments decision making in this issue.
      Thank you so much for the prayers of all the brethren over the pond.

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    1. Thank you sister. I just heard a great story of God’s provision in this crisis today: through our Church as the central contact between brethren in a Ukraine orphanage, brethren in Moldova and Romania they have today organised the evacuation of all the children to Romania this afternoon! God is Good!

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      1. Alan, that is wonderful news! Yesterday, I shared your message about Moldova with my Sunday School class. They will love to hear this good news. Praise our Lord! Please pass on information as you can. Blessings, my friend!


      1. My sister and her husband is in another country in Europe doing ministry and we are learning now that they are also going to help with refugees. This is something churches elsewhere have the opportunity to pray and help in other ways

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  2. Hi Alan, Thank you so much for this post and for sharing about our wonderful brethren in Moldova. Praying for them and for Moldova! πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ What a time to be a Christian! The Prayercast video is wonderful! Thank you once again!

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    1. Thank you Susan, it is indeed an important time for all Christians, we have access to Heavenly power in our Father God. May we approach His Throne humbly and with sincerity in all our petitions.

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