Anstruther White Pier at Sunrise, Fife.
Photo by Ben Bremner,

Welcome to Devotional Treasures News No.1, which will be a platform for sharing my ramblings on various subjects. Primarily the focus will be on prayer topics, blogs that inspire me, what I am reading and, updates on projects.

On the subject of prayer, I and my family are grateful to the support of many of you in recent weeks. In your prayers for the wedding of our daughter Amy and John our new son-in-law. Also your prayers in recent days for the outbreak of Covid in our household, myself, Susan and Samuel our son all being infected. As I write Susan has just tested negative, we pray for her second negative tomorrow which means she is free from isolation. On other prayer subjects, I often read of other brethren in many sources with some trials in their lives – be assured of my prayers for you in that moment when I read of your trial.

Heidi Viars blog was this last weeks great find, not just from a devotional point of view but because what I found there was simply exquisite use of words and description. I recommend Heidi’s beautiful posts highly. Another recent discovery was Charlene Anderson, a new devotional blogger who I would highly recommend. Charlene has been writing devotions for some time and has just recently started blogging. Mustard Seed Blog by Jill McIlreavy is a favourite read too, whose devotional writing on gardening first drew me to her blog. Her first book “A Mustard Seed Life” is one which I am reading slowly at present alongside “Walking With God” by Martin Lloyd-Jones; I heartily recommend both devotional books! I really need to catch up on these books.

And now we arrive at projects news…drum roll please! I begin by thanking all those who have encouraged me in my recent short devotional videos, I must admit I am surprised how popular these basic videos have been. These are totally unscripted made with only my trusty Samsung mobile phone, as the Spirit guides me. I will continue these as and when I can. I have created a YouTube channel for these now at Devotional Treasures. Incidentally, you can also find me on Twitter at Devotional Treasures…catchy name that! Last year was supposed to be the year that I wanted to publish a book of devotionals, but it was not God’s plan…silly me. But this year I have had a clear indication to begin such a project. The prompting came from my collating of devotionals into categories on my PC, and a “still small voice” suggested that these categories could be books. I even have a working title of “Devotional Treasures on…..” whatever subject may be first, which I feel may be prayer. Thus I plan to share my progress in this with you dear readers in the however long it takes to see this project through.

Dear readers, as always I am always glad to hear from you, either in comments or by email. I hope you have enjoyed this wee insight into mind of this Scotsman. If you have any ideas don’t be shy and speak up please; be it a comment or a wee devotional ditty, pass it on (which is a good song by Bryn Haworth by the way!). On the subject of music, a lovely musical find for me in recent days has been the Irish group “The Rend Collective” whose strong Celtic contemporary voice I really love, here I share one of my favourite tracks.

27 thoughts on “Devotional Treasures News – No.1

  1. Thank you Alan. I wish you God’s richest Blessings in all your endeavours. I have two short devotionals Our GOD LIVES! and PEACE. I paid to have them published and they are beautiful to look at but I had hospital tables and emergency departments in mind and did indeed give away several. I pray they touched hearts. Unfortunately, they are on sale at some places ie Amazon etc but they are too costly and my heart was not to earn money but was outreach. I cant afford now to buy them to give away. I now publish on private Websites. I pray you will find a better way to get your devotions in book form than I did. I love to have beauty as well as faith in my writings. You my dear brother appear to be going well with ALL you are currently undertaking. Blessings!

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    1. Thank you Faye for your kind words of advice and encouragement, they are much valued! May our Father God continue to protect your health and bless you dear sister.


    1. Thank you Nicola, you played your part in encouraging me to make my existing YouTube site more visible to others. I believe that our Father has used many folks to guide Devotional Treasures, including yourself – all the glory belongs to Him!
      May you be blessed in Him on this Lord’s Day in church.


  2. Sorry to hear that Covid has reached your household. Praying for a speedy recovery for you all. And so excited to learn that the Lord has directed you towards writing a book. I look forward to hearing about how it is going, and the date I can get my hands on a copy! God bless you

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    1. Hi Andy, thank you for your prayers and continued encouragement of me and my family. We are heading out of Covid slowly, Susan (our patient “x”) has had her first negative result and will hopefully be negative again today. Samuel (our son) and myself need to wait until about Wednesday before testing again, hopefully negative. The symptoms have been quite mild if a bit frustrating.
      The book project is at a very early stage, any advice would be welcomed from folk who have done the Amazon process. I think my first draft will be a quick process by using my back catalogue of devotions with some light editing. I have not set any deadlines on this, I will leave that to Him!
      God bless you and your family on this Lord’s Day brother.


      1. I have a big wet room bathroom needing cleaning today, then tomorrow’s blog to finish, and catch up on some Bible reading…I always manage to fall behind the scheduled reading plan.

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  3. Enjoyed reading your number 1 from the new series. Looking forward to number 2.
    The Lord bless all you do with grace, wisdom and love.
    Praying for you and your family to be covid free.

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