Earlier on up the hill I heard the foresters busy with their chainsaws, this was the result I found when I got down the hill. It reminded me of how we hear and see the evidence of God our Creator; the logs are the evidence of the foresters.

Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burden,
The God who is our salvation. Selah.
PSALM 68:19 ( NASB)


19 thoughts on “A Woodland Walk

  1. Howdy brother. The photo and analogy to the forest is wonderful. That brings you message home.

    I appreciate your continuing with videos on occasion. It is immensely helpful to see and hear you.


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    1. Thank you Michael. These short video devotions don’t have a script and are not planned in any way, they just come when He inspires me. I may try scripting some of them in the near future. Your encouragement truly is helpful, may God bless you brother.

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    1. Thank you Andy. Half an hour after getting home my old legs were complaining like mad, but it was nice to get out after being shut indoors for so long with Covid. I just avoided any other walkers, which probably looked strange 😁

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  2. Wonderful video! Thank you so much Alan! Totally agree with the BERRYBUNCH.FAMILY – I LOVE the Scottish accent! You don’t need to script these videos (unless the Lord leads you to) – they’re great as they are – spontaneous and right from the heart. It really is a joy to see and hear you. Have a blessed day! p.s. I’m so sorry to learn that you had covid. Praise the Lord for your recovery!

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    1. Thank you Susan, your kind words of encouragement are much appreciated. All three of us in our house have Covid; me, my wife and our son. Susan (my wife) and I are improving, but Samuel is struggling a bit. I believe and have faith in Almighty God for our recovery. May He bless you and your household dear sister.

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