I am still playing catch up on posts and emails, thus I have an extra guest post for you today. I am pleased to present to you another beautiful doggy devotional from our guest writer Beth Alisan. I am an avid reader of the Lessons From A Lab devotionals by Beth, for their spiritual value and also to read what Adi (Beth’s beautiful labrador companion) is doing. I am thankful for both Beth and Adi enriching my Devotional time with our Father God. Todays post is yet another worthy read, I pray it blesses you dear reader.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”


As a member of a homeschooling, soccer family, our Labrador lives a very public life.   Adi adores people and dogs, wanting to greet everyone she encounters.  Thus, I had to be diligent in developing her social skills.  You know the important ones like be seated when you greet others and don’t lunge when walking past people or dogs. 

During our daughters’ soccer practice, I took Adi on a long walk through the park.  We weren’t on the trail too long before we came up behind an elderly woman.  We walked around her incident free only for Adi to put on the brakes.  Reluctantly, she would obey the command to heel, taking a few steps forward then braking again.  After several failed attempts to continue our walk, I turned back and looked at the woman beseechingly and asked, “Would you mind greeting my dog?  She won’t go forward until she says hello.”  The woman readily agreed and received an enthusiastic Labby greeting filled with lots of licks and tail wagging.   A beautiful smile spread across her face.  I thanked her and off we went, walking past and around countless other people of whom Adi ignored.  By the time we finished our walk, I was utterly perplexed by Adi’s behavior.  Then it struck me – Adi knew what I didn’t.  That woman needed her love at that moment.  The experience left me humbled and somber.  How often have I walked past someone so intent on my destination that I failed to recognize the love I needed to shine upon that person – a smile, a word of appreciation or encouragement.

Lord, open my eyes to see that person before me.  Unlock the words you need me to speak.  Amen

“Take my hands and let them move
At the impulse of Thy love.
Take my feet and let them be
Swift and beautiful for Thee.” Frances R. Havergal*

“So then, my friends, because of God’s great mercy to us I appeal to you: Offer yourselves as a living sacrifice to God, dedicated to his service and pleasing to him. This is the true worship that you should offer.” Romans 12:1 (Good News Translation).

* Havergal, Frances (1874). “Take My Life and Let it Be” [Lyrics]. https://library.timelesstruths.org/music/Take_My_Life_and_Let_It_Be/


30 thoughts on “Lesson from a Lab:  His Hands & Feet

  1. always nice to meet a fellow home educator

    also, great post – thanks. yes, slowing down sometimes seems quite counter intuitive, but what things we can achieve when we’re more in the moment, than rushing past it

    Andy B

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      1. We’ve done it for a while now, and have loved every second of it, as have the boys.

        All 3 boys were in school, but we pulled them after we’d gotten fed up of constant battles with the school they were [all] in…so many things that shouldn’t have been happening!!!

        Not sure how much longer it will be allowed in the UK. There’s a big push to make it illegal every so often. It’s always failed to become so.

        The latest challenge is more concerning than the previous attempts…

        But we’ll carry on until we can’t…and deal with whatever comes if it changes.

        Like with everything else they’re using ‘safe guarding’ As their hook to make their ridiculous scare-mongering somehow appear credible.

        We’re not in the fight to keep the autonomy of being responsible for their children with the parents, not the state…that isnt a battle we feel we’re called to fight, so we pray and leave it to others.

        Sorry for the long reply…

        Andy B

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      2. Thank you Andy for giving me a snapshot of the challenges facing homeschooling across the pond. My husband and I are both public school teachers. I was in the classroom for almost a decade before our second daughter was born. We were both disturbed by the rapid rate in which the educational system was changing and negatively impacting the quality of education teachers were able to give students. In the area where we live, affordable private school wasn’t readily available, so my husband suggested homeschooling. It’s been the hardest and best teaching assignment of my career. The Lord has been so generous in His provision for this journey. Here in the States, COVID school lockdowns gave many parents an eye-opening look at the educational system. As a result, homeschooling is growing.

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      3. thank you. I love people’s stories! It makes the world feel less large.

        We have had an issue with illegal schools over here. but, rather than deal with the issue of a number of those, predominately Muslim, illegal schools, they’re using that as their hook to ensure ‘no child is left behind’ in their education – which is an excuse to get into people’s homes. it’s quite scary at a human level.

        I truly believe it will be a criminal offence to home educate in the UK before my youngest (now 11) turns 18 years of age – I always have hope (Romans 5), which is why my children have always been encouraged to have their own faith in Jesus Christ: each of them made a personal decision to follow God when they were 4 years old, except Peter, who was 3!

        that is the best defence any of us can ever have – a love of, and active relationship with, Jesus Christ.

        [Christian] parents have become quite complacent over in the UK in the raising of their children. I say that in my former role as a full-time Children’s Minister. It was evidently changing, just across a nearly 5 year span.

        And the governments have been a large cause of that as they ‘de-authorise’ parents from their role (which is why the word “no” is increasingly commonly first used by a Police Officer (plenty of stories of that)).

        Sorry to hijack your post – just wanted to finish with a few more details.

        Blessings and peace upon you and your family!

        Andy B

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      4. Andy, No apology necessary. I’m so glad you shared. Hearing this helps me know how to pray for you and your family. May the Lord’s blessings pour over you and your family this weekend.

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  2. Beth is among my favorites, as she has a beautiful way of expressing her faith.
    I often fail to see what is in the moment until after it is gone. And just to turn this in another direction……there are times when a stranger’s smile toward me is the best blessing of the day, or an unexpected compliment encourages me to keep going forward. Thank you Beth.

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    1. So very true Mary and I’m glad you pointed the other direction. I think that is one of the reasons masking and social distancing (although I understood why it was put in place) bothered me so much. No longer could I see others smiles or hear their words.

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    1. I am grateful you sent this post Beth, I was really drained after the weekend. Your guest posts are always welcome, they are beautiful devotional gems. God bless you sister.


  3. Thanks Alan, for this wonderful insight. I love the songs you add to your posts. It must take some time to find the correct ones, and i thank you for taking that time. May God bless you in your writing. I hope to come back here often!

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    1. Hi Pete, the song in this post was chosen by Beth to match her guest post – it really blessed me too. Regarding the format and adding songs, it seemed a natural addition to accompany any thoughts or prayers that readers might have. Very often God gives me a song very quickly that fits completely with the message, which leaves me awestruck. Our God is good! Thank you for your encouragement, may God bless you richly brother.


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