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what we have seen and heard we proclaim to you also…

1 John 1:3a (NASB)

In my youthful years I loved sharing the gospel; I seized every opportunity to share the Good News. It helped that God had given me the gift of being sociable/approachable, I am a people person to heart. In my Salvation Army days I loved selling the “War Cry” around local bars, and giving my testimony when asked for it. In later years I ventured out into street evangelism with tracts and occasional speaking. But it was always the personal contact with folk that I found to be the most satisfying. In my later years with more life experience I could testify more effectively, relating to folk with real life issues such as homelessness and cancer. That is the primary focus of todays’ verse: the value of “what we have seen and heard” in sharing Jesus.

If we have the treasure of Jesus in our life, we are called to share Him (Matthew 28:19). Jesus is the Light of the World who saves us, it is His light that shines out of us each day. We are called to share this light in loving deeds (Matthew 5:16). It is good to share the gospel, to share your memorised Bible verses, or even to hand out some tracts, but people don’t need your religion – they need to feel His love from you. We need to meet people where they are in life, listening to them and sharing a loving word or helping hand. It has often been my joy to meet someone who God has chosen for me to meet, who I have something in common with and can share how God helped me through whatever it was – I show them Jesus. 

Dear readers, do you know someone who lights up a room for Jesus? if you do, encourage that person with a kind word of appreciation and also pray for them. What about you, do you show Jesus to others in your life? I encourage you to seek opportunities, to ask your Father God to guide you to those in need of Jesus today.

30 thoughts on “Showing Jesus

  1. “In my Salvation Army days . . .” I never knew that Alan! Always have a soft spot in my heart for the Salvation Army. They reach out to so many where others don’t, even here in Halifax, NS. And you’re right about the one on one personal sharing. Blessings brother!

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    1. Yes, I came to the Lord through the Salvation Army Bruce, General Booth was my first hero of the faith. It was my zeal for His Word and evangelism that lead me away from the Salvation Army eventually. Thank you Bruce, God bless you brother.

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  2. I like how you say it is the light of Jesus shining through us that draws others to Him. Tracts and Bible Verses have there place, but, in the end, people needed to be reached not just preached to. Blessings, Brother!

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      1. I thought you said it well, brother. I just rephrased the wisdom God gave you. The crowds who came to Jesus and the people He ministered to one-on-one surely felt reached and teached. Please pardon my incorrect English. ☺️. Blessings!

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  3. Another excellent post Alan, thank you for sharing. This is very encouraging. I wholeheartedly agree and we all need to work at sharing our faith more effectively. I find one on one settings very difficult personally, so that is something for me to work on.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Andy. We are all different with specific gifts, thus one on one may not be for everyone. I am blessed in that I am a people person, but there are other things I cannot do. God uses each of us where He puts us, all to His Glory. May you be blessed in Him today brother.

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      1. Quite right Alan. I suspect I will never be fully comfortable in one-on-one situations, but that should not stop me trying. Indeed, God has gifted us all in different ways and only together can we fully fulfil his call on the church. May you be extremely blessed today brother!

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  4. “People don’t need your religion – they need to feel His love from you. We need to meet people where they are in life, listening to them and sharing a loving word or helping hand.”

    You never spoke a truer word, Alan. This is undoubtedly your best blog to date, for me.
    With love from Ruth XXXXXX

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  5. Alan, thank you for this encouraging challenge. You’ve said it well. We are all called to share what God has done for us. If we don’t, we act like those Jesus spoke of in the Gospels, preceding your point, “You ARE the light of the world. . . No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket, but rather on a lampstand, and it gives light for all who are in the house” (Matthew 5:14-15, CSB).

    Luke uses a bit stronger warning saying in many versions, “no one puts it [the light] in a cellar. . .” We do have different gifts but if we genuinely have Christ we will “shine” regardless of our specific strength and giftedness. Our gifts enhance our shine.

    I was challenged recently by the analogy of a blind person stepping into a road with a huge truck speeding towards them. None of us would think twice about intervening to save that person from imminent harm or death in that scenario. When we excuse ourselves from sharing the Gospel message to those who are perishing, it equates to allowing a blind person to step in front of the truck because we are an introvert, not gifted socially, or blah blah blah. Loving people share the LIGHT they have within to give others the opportunity of avoiding eternal darkness [separation from God], the second death.

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