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For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given…

Isaiah 9:6a (KJV)

As a parent there is no dearer memory than when your child comes into the world, it is a precious moment that stays with you forever. Each time we celebrate another year of their life our mind drifts back to the first time we held them, even when they are in their twenties as my children are. This time of year we are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus, or are we?

I must confess I find it difficult to understand those who celebrate Christmas who do not believe in God, or having known Him are now far away from Him. Without a relationship with Almighty God the festive season can be painful and frustrating; everywhere you turn you find little reminders of the real reason for the season. The child is born in a manger, but is He born “unto us”? Does He mean anything to us or is He a distant figure in history who we can’t quite understand? He is not only a child but a Son, the only Son of God no less. He is given to us, sent to redeem us into the Heavenly family – that we too may be sons and daughters.

Dear reader, what is Christmas to you? Is it a mere celebration of humanity blown away in the New Year, or is it a blessed memory of God’s Love for you? This is Heaven’s best gift to you this Christmas; the true purpose of the season.

* This devotion is inspired from my reading of C.H. Spurgeon’s book Joy Born At Bethlehem which can be freely downloaded. It is a series of sermons with a Christmas theme worth reading.

13 thoughts on “Heaven’s Best Gift

  1. It was July 1987 that I accepted Christ and that year as a new believer I went to a carols event in the local park. I was overcome by emotion now that my heart had been opened to the truth of the words, and O Holy Night still brings me to tears even today. Christmas is indeed all about God’s love.
    Thanks for this post Alan.

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      1. Actually it was earlier in the year I accepted Jesus, but yes Alan… it was a special Christmas as a baby christian. 🙂
        That’s so wonderful that you came to Christ on Good Friday! That is very special.

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  2. Thank you Alan, Remembrance of this Birth has always been for me a great JOY. Not ever about hype but all about the BABY. It has been recently brought back to me that even as a child my mum and dad did not go to church but our parents told us that the seasons of Christmas and Easter were because of God’s Gift to our world. Jesus was THE REASON for both.

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  3. A needed reminder for us all Alan. It is too easy to get swept away with the tidal wave of Christmas stuff and forget the real stuff that Christmas is all about. Blessings! (Great photo of that mountain – it almost doesn’t seem real!)

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