My chosen re-post this Lord’s Day comes from the pen of Andy & Jo Berry, my friend and brother in Christ. This post really touched my heart and lifted my spirits in light of the trials the Berry family have been enduring lately. If you don’t know, Andy and his family are responsible for BerryBunch TV ministry which produces excellent gospel material for Christian families. Their ministry has taken a back seat lately due to Covid in the family, from which they have mostly recovered. But Andy has had complications with his health which have been challenging to say the least, but through it he and the family have remained faithful to and reliant on God. I would encourage you brethren to visit their site, and remember them in your prayers.

Take your mind back, and you might remember seeing the first signs that Covid-19 could well be a real issue, heading our way, like a freight train running along the tracks towards the edge of a cliff! Scroll on a couple of years, and it is still making the lives of tens of millions of people difficult, at best. It has taken many loved ones from their family, way ahead of time, and it has created an abundance of fear.

Covid and The Golden Ticket

10 thoughts on “The Lord’s Day Re-post – Covid and The Golden Ticket

  1. I should be in bed by now. But I’m glad I’m not quite ready.

    Seeing this has brightened my day, and lifted my spirits, enormously.

    Thank you Alan, my brother, and my friend.

    You are a most precious and treasured discovery.

    Andy B

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