Loch Stack Bothy located near Laxford Bridge in Sutherland, photographed earlier this week with spectacular light around on the surround hills.

Last week I posted a list of Christian Bloggers who I follow regularly and would recommend to others, here is my second list. I would say again these lists are not in order of preference on each post or from one post to the other; I read each of these folk because they inspire me in my walk with God.

Ryan Callahan’s Blog

Passionate Creative Christian

The Fractured Rock


A Simple Man of God

Country Ripples

Stop And Pray TV

Gersom Clark

Beholding Him Ministries

Andy Brown

Wavy and Anchored

Lock Your Wings


Narrow Path Ministries

His eye is on the sparrow

Living Waters


23 thoughts on “More Recommended Blogs

    1. Very true Bruce, a Highland weaver uses many colours to make a beautiful tartan or tweed – thus it is no surprise that our Father God can weave so beautifully! God bless you brother.


  1. Yey. More blogs to go check out πŸ™‚

    Prayed for some encouragement, and then I see your post. It’s lrettyy humbling to see our effort on your list, cos those other blogs – that I have read – are really good and I get so much from them..

    I’ve set aside a morning to work through both posts, to check out these additional blogs

    Thanks for being such a focused light in the darkness Alan!!!

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  2. From one Alan to another, thanks Alan for sharing my blog. You are a friend an fellow blogger who I treasure sharing in gods calling to share his word and truths. God Bless You.

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  3. Thank you, Alan, for sharing this list, ironically while I was searching for one of them! Looking for one, found a bunch! Such is God’s good and perfect bounty!

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