Wemyss Bay on the Clyde Coast, Scotland.
Photo by pacesetterforchange on Pixabay.

And Jesus said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”

Mark 1:17 (NASB)

After seeing Mandy’s post tonight regarding her fishing trip over the next few days I found myself reminiscing about one particular fishing trip when I was a laddie. We were on holiday in a caravan park in Wemyss Bay, overlooking the River Clyde. My brother in law who was a keen sea fisherman persuaded the boys and myself to go fishing off the rocks just outside the town. It was a warm sunny day with a slightly cool breeze blowing inland off the river. Our first task was digging the ragworms on the beach, after which we found a promising spot on the rocks to cast our lines from. We were fishing for Cod or more likely Mackerel, but nothing happened for a while. We passed the time counting fishing boats, ferries and submarines on the horizon. But then my brother in law caught a lovely big Cod which put up a good fight, he was like the cat who got the cream posing with his catch. He stored it in a wee rockpool behind us while we carried on fishing, only to see a Great Black Backed Gull swoop down and snatch the prized fish. That sour note signalled the end of our afternoon’s fishing that day, but it did become a story to laugh about later that night. Over the years it became a much loved fishing story on other trips.

As I remembered this old fishing story I thought of the above verse; of Jesus calling the brothers Simon and Andrew. In these famous words our Lord calls us too to join Him in fishing for men; seeking and catching lost souls for the Kingdom of Heaven. Look at the fishing story again; before we cast a line we had to get prepared by digging bait and tying our tackle specific to what we were aiming to catch. We had to find a good fishing spot to offer us the best opportunities to catch something. It is the same when fishing for souls; we must prepare by having good bait – Bible verses and tracts backed up by prayers before fishing. Sometimes fishing for souls can be like our fishing story; the fish were not biting, but we patiently kept casting our lines out. Eventually we may have a good catch for the Kingdom, but we mustn’t turn our back on our catch like we did in our story…for Satan will snatch them back at the first opportunity. Sparse fishing trips for the Gospel do not stop us fishing, they inspire us to keep sharing the Good News on future trips.

Dear reader, do you ever go fishing for Jesus? If you do be sure to use the best bait of God’s Word, soaked in prayer. Seek the best fishing spots for a likely catch. Gospel fishing trips need not be whole days, they can be a few minutes or an hour once a week or a fortnight. Whatever you can do if it is soaked in prayer, your Father God will use it to His Glory. I wish you good fishing my friend!

16 thoughts on “Going Fishing

  1. Great post, Alan! Love the picture too! Nathan always so “you will never catch any fish if you don’t have a line in the water.” I see that with evangelism and discipleship. What I love about these verses in Mark is that it’s a call to discipleship. Jesus is calling us to follow Him and that He teaches us so that we may teach others. While some of us are gifted in evangelism we are all called to share our faith and teach others. I am so thankful for your heart to go where the fish are Alan. These days are getting dark and time is running short. Now is not the time to give up casting but to cast with even more fervor and passion for Jesus and the lost. Love and blessings to you and Susan!

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    1. Mandy, your remark, “These days are getting dark and time is running short” reminded me of my dad going fishing late after sunset for some types of fish. He and his fishing buddies knew that certain fish were easier to catch after dark due to their feeding patterns.

      There’s another analogy here. People may be more hungry and souls ready for a catch during the “dark.”

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  2. Thank you again. You reminded me of my dad now long gone and my early childhood fishing .from a boat. The biggest one I ever pulled in had been attached by my Dad’s best friend to give me a surprise! It worked I needed help to pull it in…I was only four. The greatest lesson I learnt was that fish the right size were caught for eating. All my life I wanted to put them back in the sea. I had a very powerful lesson when I heard of God’s Calling to bring ALL people into His Kingdom. HIS Ways are adapted to how His Children fish in these end times. your posts are life affirming.

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  3. I have many fond memories of fishing with my father. It was one way that we were able to bond with each other. You’ve brought back many wonderful memories with this post, brother! When you mentioned Jesus’ first encounter with Peter and Andrew, I remembered that he said, “Come with me and I will TEACH you how to catch men.” Jesus doesn’t just tell us to go do something, like share our faith, He leads the way! Blessings.

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