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I told them how the hand of my God had been favorable to me and also about the king’s words which he had spoken to me. Then they said, “Let us arise and build.” So they put their hands to the good work.

Nehemiah 2:18 (NASB)

In Christian circles we hear much excited talk of revivals, in today’s verse we read of an ancient revival amongst the Israelites who were at a low point  in their history. Israel had been sacked by the Babylonians, Jerusalem destroyed and many of the people carried off into exile. Those left behind and those who returned later with Ezra lived a precarious life, in a ruined city surrounded by enemies. These hard-pressed people were spurred on by Nehemiah (a cup bearer to King Artaxerxes of Babylon), who in verse 17 calls on them to rebuilt their city wall. He followed it in verse 18 with encouraging them by news of how God was at work in this business before them, even using the King of Babylon to achieve it. They were inspired by Nehemiah and answered his call to service “Let us arise and build.”

The above story is also applicable to the modern church, which in many places is a shadow of its former glory. Many churches are crumbling around the dwindling members, who are effectively silent in their communities. As a whole the worldwide church is surrounded by dangerous enemies, as Jerusalem was in our scripture and still is today. In all this our God is still recruiting Nehemiahs to lift the heads of His people, calling out “Let us arise and build!”

Some years ago a brother in an old church was inspired by a small book called “The Kneeling Christian” which he shared with a few of his brethren in church. A holy fire was lit by that wee book which saw the church buying more copies for all the members; a prayer ministry was born in that church which through time reapt a harvest that revived the small church.

Dear reader, revival begins with individuals! Are you down trodden by evil forces surrounding you in your community? Take heart, your Father God is still King over all things and longs to hear your plea for help. You could be a Nehemiah at home, in your community or your church – “Arise and build brethren!”

16 thoughts on “Arise and Build!

  1. Again great teaching and wonderful Don Francisco Music. I certainly appreciate the input as we find ourselves part of the growing remnant church which no longer has a building but a powerful connection in Christ around the world. Our gathering times in trips to town for significant seasonal worship are valued muchly but we know HIS Presence with us powerfully here in our own home as we worship…. word, communion and music on Sunday but each day as well. We pray for ALL His Beloved everywhere. Blessings!

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  2. amen – love this

    i often say how I hear many crying for revival, but how I also don’t think it means what they think it means….

    because, for me at least, revival isn’t simply the nice bits of “the Holy Spirit making us feel tingly” but truly repentant hearts, crying out for Abba Father as our only hope for peace in this lifetime, and for eternity with Him in the next

    just my two pence of thoughts anyway, ‘cos the revivals I have read out are people falling to their knees, with much crying and repentance, which isn’t quite the ‘fill the pews again so we can pay for the roof’ revival I’ve heard demanded of God far too often

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    1. Very true Andy, there is man’s idea of revival, which falls far short. And true revival which brings sinners to repentance and closer to God…that is life changing revival at its best!
      God bless you and the family Andy.

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    2. Absolutely! If something is revived it is restored to life or consciousness. Therefore, a “spiritual revival” is people being restored to life in Christ or brought to a consciousness of God through the power of the Holy Spirit ushering them into repentance and life-transforming action.

      Historically those revivals are brought about by the sincere and fervent prayers and fasting of genuine followers of Jesus Christ seeking out HIS will.

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  3. Alan, I never realized the power behind those 5 words “Let us arise and build” Nehemiah spoke until reading your post. I found The Kneeling Christian on our US Amazon. Thank you for the recommendation. Will be adding it to my Kindle.

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    1. If by my wee words I inspire you or others to pray I am honoured indeed. It is a privilege to share my thoughts with others in the service of Almighty God. May He guide and bless you in this coming weekend brother.

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