Bridge of Earn, Perthshire, Scotland. Photo by Chloë Forbes-Kindlen on Unsplash

and that most of the brethren, trusting in the Lord because of my imprisonment, have far more courage to speak the word of God without fear.

Philippians 1:14 (NASB)

I had the honour to listen to Nicky Cruz give his testimony in Dunfermline one night, the huge church had standing room only. Most of those present were young folk keen to hear what this former New York gang member had to say about Jesus. The effect of his testimony was powerful resulting in hundreds of young lives brought into the kingdom; it was all hands on deck as every believer was called to counsel sobbing souls in every corner. God was present and using His servant Nicky’s bold story to win souls.

In our text today Paul and Timothy had a bold story to tell to any who would listen, while they were in prison for Jesus. Their story had a powerful effect on the soldiers and their guards. Nicky Cruz was saved from a sinful life, Paul and Timothy were imprisoned by sinful men. In both cases the power of God shone brightly out of the darkness, sharing His loving Gospel encouraging their listeners. The testimony of an individual out of adversity is inspiring to all who listen to it; it emboldens them as they hear the Good News.

Dear reader, be not disheartened by the storm in your life. Learn the lesson of the disciples, Paul and Timothy, and Nicky Cruz; fear not the storm – Jesus is Lord of the storm! Be emboldened in your testimony despite the storm. Through it He can shine His Light on the lost, saving them from their own storm.

23 thoughts on “Courage From The Storm

  1. Thanks, Alan.
    We survived a storm here a few nights ago. Hurricane Larry blew over the island.
    The wind blew, and the rain fell, but the Lord kept us safe. 🤗🌷

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  2. Oh I have not heard the name Nicky Cruz in twenty years or more but I do remember his testimony. The last I knew he had started a ministry in California but since then his story has faded away from public view. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Alan, for the last several days I’ve returned to reread the “Dear Reader” portion of this post and listen to the song again. You are quite a captain in God’s army bolstering the troops with song and words.

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    1. Thank you so much Beth! There are times I doubt my “Dear Reader” portions, I know they are harder hitting than what folk read in certain well known published Devotionals. Rather than softening my words to make them publishable I would rather challenge my readers openly, after all it is a matter of Eternal Life being not just lived…but lived well.
      To be thought of as a “captain in God’s army” is an honour and a orivilege, thank you for your kindness.
      May our Father God bless and guide you this day my sister.
      P.s. your first guest post is being prepared for Sunday!

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      1. Good for you Alan! I’m glad you are not softening your words to make them more publishable. You are following in the footsteps of Paul and Peter with your “harder hitting” Dear Reader portions. We need the challenge in a day in age that softens things so much that it lulls Christians into a state of sleepiness and apathy.

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