St.Monan’s Kirk, East Neuk of Fife.

Now I want you to know, brethren, that my circumstances have turned out for the greater progress of the gospel,
Philippians 1:12 (NASB)

Have you ever known someone who just refuses to be knocked down by life, who just keeps going no matter what life throws at them? I am blessed to have met such people, who are believers dependent upon God in all circumstances. One sister in Christ comes to mind who has a constant battle with serious health issues, but she keeps going serving God and the Gospel regardless of her trials – she inspires me.

Serving the Gospel is a continuous theme in Paul’s letter to the Philippians; it flows like a river through good and bad times, all of which points to Christ. In Luke 21:10-13 Christ tells us of coming trials for believers, but He highlights how such trials can serve the Gospel in Verse 13 “It will lead to an opportunity for your testimony.” In Philippians we find Paul in prison, proclaiming that even his imprisonment progresses the Gospel.

Dear reader, let us look at ourselves and our circumstances (good and bad) – do we serve the Gospel in them? Is your illness or unemployment an opportunity to share the Good News? I am not asking that you consider something that I have not done myself. In all circumstances if we serve God with our little, He will increase our humble offering and bless us richly.


13 thoughts on “In All Circumstances

  1. Alan, this devotional is concise and true. God uses our trials to further the Kingdom [advance the Gospel] and glorify himself. Believers are not immune to suffering or hardships. A life surrendered to Christ, is a life lived through challenges in the strength of Christ Jesus. Then the Father rightly receives the glory.

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  2. What a wonderful blog, Alan, and thank you so much for your email. You are, indeed, absolutely right: illness brings us into a very special kind of contact with many new people, and every single one of those contacts is “an opportunity for your testimony.” These contacts are also opportunities for showing an example, taking an interest in those who help us, for saying grace before treatment, and for gratitude to God. Have a blessed day, my brother, and my love to Susan XXXXX

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  3. Dear Alan,
    You are so right about serving the Lord even in hardship. I know several people who are like the lady you mentioned – serving and blessing other even in pain. My beautiful Christian mother often said to me “Though He slay me, yet will I serve Him!’ (Scripture). She would say this when things were pressing hard, and I knew she meant it. And I have found in my own life that I am able to comfort people because I have received comfort from God. Thank you for this post, and the wonderful Spirit in Christ that you exhibit in your writings.

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