The Lord is my light and my salvation;
Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the defense of my life;
Whom shall I dread?

Psalm 27:1 (NASB)

From my youth I have always found great comfort and reassurance in the book of Psalms, specifically Psalm 27 which is one of my favourites. It was a favourite of my grandmother, who sowed the early seeds of faith by quoting it with other scriptures and singing gospel hymns to me as a lad. She was a Godly example for many of us all to follow. It is no surprise then that Psalm 27 became one of my favourites, but only some years later after I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour did it have more meaning to me.

It was in 1984 at an Easter service in Livingston Salvation Army that I surrendered my life 100% to Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Soon after this I joined the Salvation Army. My first Sunday service in uniform was an exciting day, but Satan intended to try and ruin it. On my way to the bus stop I was accosted by a well known village bully older and bigger than myself, I was fearful of what might happen (the same guy had threatened me with a knife in the past which earned him time behind bars). Somehow I stayed calm under the circumstances, praying silently for God to help me. Suddenly a tall stranger crossed the otherwise quiet street and came to my rescue. He was a friend of my father who knew me and also had respect for the Salvation Army. He restrained the bully and sent me on my way for my bus, with a parting “tell yer dad I said hi!” I made it to the service on time, thanks to the intervention of Almighty God in my moment of need. He is a prayer answering God!

Dear reader, in such moments of fear we can be reassured by the psalmist – The Lord is the defense of my life;Whom shall I dread?” Father God cares for His children deeply (of which you are one), providing all their needs at the perfect time. Be encouraged, He is only a prayer away at any moment.

Let us Pray: Dear Father God, in times of strife and stress I find it hard not to worry. Help me to take a breath, and remember that you care and provide for me in all circumstances. Imprint your scripture in my memory to encourage me in such difficult times. Thank you Father, Amen.

Note: Look out for a new guest post on Sunday 18th July on Psalm 27 by sister Mandy, I am looking forward to it myself.

14 thoughts on “The God Who Listens

  1. “He is only a prayer away at any moment.“. This is still as true as ever, brother! Your personal story is proof positive. My younger brother and I were once riding our bikes in the neighborhood, when a bully sent his Doberman after us. We were pedaling as fast as our little legs would allow, but the snarling dog was on our heals. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there came a large German Shepherd, He cut the Doberman off—putting himself between us. The chase was over and we were saved—by God’s divine hand. God’s best to you, always.

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  2. What a wonderful blog, Alan. Thank you for sharing this personal story. It took me back vividly when I had my very serious car crash, when I shouted to God to help me (the car was crushed, and I’m very claustrophobic). Somehow, I was able to unbuckle my seatbelt, wind down what remained of a window, and get my head out, resting it on the rocks. Help started to arrive soon after. As the car was upside down, I’ve still got no idea how I managed this, but it’s always felt to me like divine intervention. God is good, and, as you said so beautifully – only a prayer away XXXXXX

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  3. Thank you for this beautiful reminder of our God who hears and in His Will responds sometimes in miraculous ways. God is good to all who LOVE HIM and follow the Saviour.

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  4. Alan, I do enjoy reading the pieces of your testimony! The picture you selected was perfect. As I read about the bully, I could see the dark storm clouds rolling in and stopped by God’s mighty hand through the arrival of your Dad’s friend. The song you closed with is a new favorite. Thank you for being so faithful to your writing. I glean such encouragement from your devotional treasures.

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