Isn’t our God magnificent? That has become my favourite question today it seems, haha! I was pondering the subject of “Grace” with a view to maybe write a post, then Father God showed me this beautiful post by Sheila. My friends I couldn’t write it any better, I commend Sheila’s blog Hidden Treasure to you today. The original writer of the post is a talented brother, J.D.Walt from

Ever wonder what grace really means?

The Assumptions of Grace

14 thoughts on “The Assumptions of Grace

  1. “the grace of God will lead me home”. I love this truth and just recently begin to understand a little bit more about that grace. I was sick this past year, had covid, it shut my one kidney which only functions 30 percent so I had a few days in the hospital. during that time I have never felt so much peace and realized this was the grace of God working in me. After going through that I started a bible study in the book of Hebrews. In studying Jesus being greater then angels led me into a short study on angels and there I found that truely God’s grace will not leave me along when my time comes to cross over or what ever expression one wants to use for dying. it really is just giving up this earthly body for a new one. But how long, how God will do, will it hurt, how long will it take, tons of questions builds fear around the unknown. that fear is gone, I will not be alone, I believe it’s one of the jobs of angels to help us when the time comes. You just said, the grace of God will lead me home and He never leave us…even in the cross over. Blessings.

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    1. God bless you, strengthen and reassure you dear sister. He promises never to forsake or leave us, which encourages us no matter what our body or this world is doing.


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