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The memory of the righteous is blessed,
But the name of the wicked will rot.

Proverbs 10:7 (NASB)

Do you have a good memory? Maybe you have a selective memory for numbers, music or even names. My wife says I have a selective memory…but that is a different story. Elephants are famed for their long memories, never forgetting those who do them wrong. Never mind my wife, I wouldn’t want to be in the “bad books” with a bull elephant! The device I am typing on has a memory of 32 Gigabytes, which is standard. When computer memory was invented in the 1940s it was measured in a few Kilobytes, over the years we have increased through Megabytes, Gigabytes, now we can measure in Terabytes and Petabytes!

Today’s verse talks about the awesome memory of Almighty God, look at His care for His children (the righteous) and His utter disdain for the wicked. Never mind being on the wrong side of a bull elephant, being on the wrong side of Almighty God is mega scary. In reference to His care for those who fear (revere) Him, scripture tells us “the righteous will be remembered forever.” (Psalm 112:6).

Dear reader, I have saved the best for last. Not only does our Father God never forget us, but He chooses to forget our repented sin (Isaiah 43:25). What a loving Father we have! This is something for us to remember each day, coming in thankful prayer to His throne.

12 thoughts on “Almighty God’s Memory

  1. Thank you again for this great reminder of HIS almighty Grace and indeed all the memories of HIS Presence on the WAY. God bless you and all the dear ones who gain rich blessings from your blog.

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