The Pap of Glencoe from across Loch Leven.

I have restrained my feet from every evil way,
That I may keep Your word.

Psalm 119:101 (NASB)

I remember as a lad my mum’s disdain at the company I kept occasionally, chastising me that ” I would be lead astray” by their bad influence. Years later I found Susan and I repeating mum’s words with our own children. The truth of the matter is that this is good advice; bad company easily leads good people astray. As Christians there are many temptations in life, which if we linger in them long enough will lead us off the Narrow Way of Truth.

My Bible reading this morniing was Proverbs 1 where we find wise guidance to resist the enticements of sinners around us, and not to walk in their ways (verses 10 and 15). When reading this I was reminded of where mum had gleaned her wisdom from. This is the value of  God fearing parents who share His wisdom. The above guidance sets the foundation for my chosen verse in Psalm 119, from Tuesday’s Bible reading.

It is our duty every day to “restrain our feet from every evil way,” to restrict ourselves from sinful temptations. Through such discipline we read his Word with understanding, guided by the Holy Spirit. If we surrender to sin (big or small, it does not matter…ALL sin kills!) our ability to “keep [His] Your word” is restrained. I can tell you of times when I could not make head nor tail from my Bible, it was because of unrepented sin which I then had to go and deal with immediately. Unrepented sin descends like thick clouds over the Bible you are trying to read, hiding His message from you.

Dear reader, can you see the Word of God clearly before you today – or is it hidden by a cloud? I encourage you to seek your Father God in prayer, then return to His word for you today.

13 thoughts on “Clouded Vision

  1. THANK YOU SINCERELY, dear Brother. This blog today ministered to me in a powerful and special way. I was wrestling with some proposed changes to the meeting of a small Group overseen by my husband and myself. This idea we needed to be motivationally spiritually charged was not settling well in my spirit. Presence , WORD and more nurturing worship was what i knew I needed. and I sensed the others did too. Your sharing of your Godly mother and the beautiful image on your post and then the Orkney background to the song ministered to my personal deepest needs. I believe this is what all Christians regularly need. The world is driven and charged.
    God said BE STILL AND KNOW!. Blessings and again thank you for your whole post content and images.

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  2. “ Unrepented sin descends like thick clouds over the Bible you are trying to read, hiding His message from you”~. This is such a true statement Alan.
    What a blessing was your mum. Praise God.
    One of my favourite songs from SG.
    Blessings for a new day to you and your family

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