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O how I love Your law!
It is my meditation all the day.

Psalm 119:97 (NASB)

As I read the above verse this morning it reminded me of times before personal computers and mobile phones. Yes, we did survive without them! People still wrote letters by hand and also, eagerly watched out the window in the morning for the return letter from their postman. I remember the excitement of receiving love letters from my now dear wife all these years ago. I sought a private space to smell, open, and read every line…several times. A reply letter was started quickly, but took time to write as I re-read the received letter over and over many times. This should be our relationship with our Bible. The Word of God in my view is the best Love letter ever written to us.

   Each day we should excitedly anticipate reading our Bible, expecting to receive Words from our Father God. Like I did with letters from Susan, I read my Bible in a private space. This for me is first thing in the morning at the dining table before anyone else rises. I read it over several times allowing it to soak into my mind and spirit, looking for wee gems in the text. From His Word to me each morning comes  prayers and notes in my devotional diary, which often produce devotionals like this one.

Dear reader, are you excited by your Bible each morning? Do you read it as a personal correspondence from Almighty God, your Father for your guidance? I hope I have encouraged you to view your Bible in a different light, encouraging you to soak in its pages each day.

22 thoughts on “His Love letters To Us

  1. A beautiful and tender post, Alan.

    I also fondly remember the joy of writing and receiving handwritten letters.

    Thanks for the inspiration to read our Bibles expectantly. 🤗⚘

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  2. I love reading my Bible throughout the day. I have a side by side version I do in the morning. My NIV at lunch. And at night right before I go to bed, the Living Bible, read thru the Bible in a year. Psalms 119 has always been one of my favorite!

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  3. I still write and send out personal cards and letters to dear friends who I KNOW appreciate that more than a txt or even a phone call. Like books what you hold in your hand is the most lasting and valuable. Our BIBLE in our Hand as a daily discipline reading, brings LIFE. thank you for your beautiful post, News this end is no longer news but cleverly crafted sensationalism. Limited truth but a dramatic story.

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  4. As many good Bible apps as there are out there, nothing compares to reading the leather bound version I’ve had since 1997. The Psalms and New Testament are highlighted with notes in the margins from gems God has given me. Sometimes there’s just a date by a particular passage. This tells me that something in my Christian walk at that time went hand and hand with the scripture in question. I too meet God first thing in the morning (before anyone at my house rises). Sometimes, as I pray and read my devotions I say to myself, “It’s lunch time at Alan’s house. I should check in and see what he posted today.” Blessings!

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    1. Even though I use apps for study and writing my main reading is still done on paper. Actually I recently bought a super giant print for my old eyes which I love reading. My posting schedule is a bit crazy at the moment due to extremely painful elbows and lack of sleep, but I keep taking the meds and trusting Him…it is the only way to go. God bless you brother.


  5. Wonderful, Alan, and so true. I have to listen to my Bible now, rather than reading it, and can thoroughly recommend this too, for anyone with any kind of concentration or visual problems. I love it! XXXXX

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