Kilchurn Castle from the north banks of Loch Awe.

For anyone who hasn’t seen this, here is a repost of my guest post on Reasoned Cases For Christ for my good friend Bruce Cooper. Bruce’s page is a veritable encyclopedia of useful reading on spiritual matters, I recommend it highly.

Today’s guest post is authored by Alan Kearns who maintains a blog at Alan describes himself as an ordinary middle-aged Scotsman who loves God and is enthused by His Word as it lights his path before him. If you are not already following Alan, I would […]

Spiritual Solitude & Silence – Alan Kearns

13 thoughts on “Spiritual Solitude & Silence

  1. Silence is undervalued and underused in our modern society. I simply cannot remember the last time I just sat in silence and rested in the Lord’s presence. This is a real challenge to me personally. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of silence and another encouraging post!

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  2. Alan, thank you for sharing this powerful message. I’m currently going through a situation that has necessitated more silence and solitude. I am grateful for the reminder, “Our Lord was silent before his enemies.” Jesus was confident in who he was, the son of God, and therefore had no reason to defend himself. His life, actions, and ministry were his defense.

    As I observe the Lord God answer wordless prayers it comforts and reassures me of HIS steadfast love.

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  3. Spiritual solitude and silence. So much needed. Lately I have been seeking both. We live in such a noisy world. I stay up late because I enjoy the silence,
    Thank you brother Alan.

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