Millie our cat playing hide and seek!

“For this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor for your body, as to what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Matthew 6:25,33 (NASB)

I must own up, I am notorious for losing things and therefore spending time seeking whatever the item is. I have lost keys with the best of them, but I can recollect going a stage further and losing the car! This is the life of having an impaired memory because of brain injury, it can be distressing but on the plus side – I have funny stories such as searching for the car in the supermarket car park. On that occasion I stood pressing the key fob wondering why it wouldn’t work, only to realise eventually this grey Kia wasn’t my one. Oh the embarrassment! In life we seek for keys/ wallet/ remote but we seek for non-physical things too, health, peace, and solutions to many of lifes problems. As a Christian I am often reminded that I need to take my worries to my Father God in prayer, rather than stewing in them.

This morning Matthew 6:33 appeared in one of my devotional sources, a short verse I have seen countless times over the years. But rather than rushing past it I was led to ponder this verse deeply, to apply it to my personal needs. I saw three distinct points in it to apply when dealing with life; (i) To seek, (ii) seek His kingdom and, (iii) seek His righteousness.

Firstly I must seek a solution to my problems, rather than wallowing in them. I have a Father in Heaven with boundless riches, who seeks to provide for me. Secondly, knowing point one I must seek His Kingdom. In seeking the Kingdom I must seek the King, my Father God, coming to his throne in prayer. He loves the presence of his children and to hear their voice, what a loving Father! Thirdly, when I bring my troubles to Him I need to remember He is a Holy God – Righteous in all His ways. Thus, what I seek must be worthy of being clothed in His Righteousness.

Dear reader, in the trials of life we face let us be encouraged that we need not suffer on our own. Our Father God seeks us every day, but do we seek Him? Let us bring our troubles to Him in prayer, leaving them in His hands trusting Him for a result in His perfect time.

19 thoughts on “Seek Ye First

  1. This post has been so timely for me this morning. I am so grateful to the Lord for using His children in so many different ways . Time and distance matter not to our Eternal Father .
    Thank you brother Alan for submitting to the guidance of the Holy Spirit .
    Blessings to you and your family .
    PS… cute cat

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  2. “Thus, what I seek must be worthy of being clothed in His Righteousness.” Wow Alan that statement really gets to the heart of seeking. When I seek Him, is it with a heart that’s self-centered or with a heart that desires for His will to be done? On another note, Millie is beautiful! Seeing her picture, I now understand why she loved Glen. I think tortoise shell’s must have a dog loving gene in them. Adi’s cat Reeses looks just like Millie. The two of them adore each other.

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    1. When you (or anyone) highlights a phrase I have written I am humbled, but also suprised. I get the pleasure of seeing what I write in others eyes. Millie looks cute but boy is she demanding, or is that all cats?

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  3. Excellent post, Alan! I have lost more debit cards than I care to admit. I seek God even more when things are lost asking Him to help me remember. I am so thankful that God cannot lose what is in His Hand! PS: Millie is a really beautiful kitty! How old is she?!

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      1. Wow I can imagine your husband giving attention to details Mandy! Yeah, sadly I lose things easily lol. My wife is like Nathan knowing where my stuff is more than I know where its at lol

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  4. Great post. I can relate to your Grey Kia story. Once had a rental, white Nissan Altima. Went to the hotel after a day in the supplier factory to clean up and get ready to eat. Went out to head to the restaurant, hit the unlock on the fob, grab the door handle, and about ripped my fingers off. The car was not unlocked! Tried again. No joy. Tried the trunk,it didn’t open. Scratched my head, wondering how to get in the car when there isn’t an actual key! Turn around to go in and call Hertz to bring a replacement, look across to the other parking area, and there was my white Nissan Altima with the lights flashing and the trunk wide open. Taught me to remember where I parked.

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