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This post is purely a list of links of the entire “Encounters With The Messiah” series, bringing together on one page all the posts for anyone wanting to read them. This series came from a very brief moment of inspiration by the Holy Spirit; I had turned in prayer to Father God asking for guidance what I should write next. Throughout my writing I say often that I am just a scribe writing what God wants; in this I am rewarded with plenty to write – all praise and honour to Him! I would like to tell you that the “Encounters With The Messiah” series is not finished, there are more stories yet to explore in the near future. Finally, I pray that these simple devotionals will carry on being a blessing to those who read them and encourage them to read the scripture accounts deeper.

Simon of Cyrene

The Boy With Loaves & Fishes

The Woman at the Well


John the Baptist

Satan the Tempter

The Leper With Faith

The Centurion

The Demoniac Man

The First Disciples

The Paralytic Healed

The Apostle Matthew

Two Desperate People

On The Way to Emmaus

Peter In The Storm

The Canaanite Woman

The Rich Young Ruler


The Deaf Man of Decapolis

The Blind Man of Bethsaida

The Nobleman of Capernaum

The Man at Bethesda

The Adulterous Woman

Mary Magdalene

Christ Washes The Disciple’s Feet

Lazarus, Mary & Martha

Mary & The Anointing

14 thoughts on “The Encounters With The Messiah Series

    1. May the LORD God bless you richly Faye for your encouragement, it is as rich as anointing oil to my heart. As children of His flock let us endeavour to share His Love abroad to all people.


      1. I am thrilled to hear that the Encounters series encourages you or anyone to read the Bible more, maybe with fresh eyes. The main inspiration for the series comes from reading first person Bible stories years ago. The story of Simon of Cyrene has always been my favourite such story. Some years ago I even thought of writing an extended story of Simon’s history. Maybe some day.

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    1. Thank you for the encouragement Jim. The development of this series has been an exciting spiritual journey for me, from how God began it until when He called a Time Out on it before Christmas. Recently I have been feeling called to write a devotional book but was not sure of the theme. Suddenly in the last few days Father God ended the T.O. on this series telling me that this was the theme He wanted! Thus the journey continues as I follow His guiding, all honour to His Name.

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