“It feels like our hope has been taken away,” Pastor Zay* from Myanmar tells Open Doors following the military coup on Monday (1 February) that has shaken the nation. 

“The military government of the past has always been protective of their Buddhist culture and tradition,” shares Brother Lwin*, an Open Doors local partner. “This may have serious implications for the church. We are expecting restrictions on the church to happen once again, though as yet we are unsure of the extent and form it will take.”


  • That as Christians in Myanmar cry out in prayer, God will speak specific words of encouragement, revelation and guidance
  • For God’s protection over His people and that this upheaval will not further harm their lives and witness
  • That the recent democratic election result will be upheld and the military (who are disputing the outcome alleging fraud) will relinquish control of power.


In Libya, where Christians are a tiny minority, there is no freedom of speech or religion, and no possibility of public church life. 

Christians from a Muslim background face intense hostility from their family and the wider community. They are also vulnerable to abduction, murder or sexual assault by Islamic militant groups and organised crime groups. Christians migrating from sub-Saharan Africa are vulnerable to being held in detention centres or handed over to persecutors by those trafficking them. 

Without a central government, the country is effectively in a state of lawless anarchy. There is little chance of legal justice when Christians are attacked or killed. Find out more about Libya here.

A prayer for Libya

Dear God, help all those experiencing pressure and persecution for their faith to keep praising and following You. Protect them and may their love for You grow stronger. Open up safe and significant opportunities for Christians to share their faith. Provide ways for Christians to gather and connect. Bring about the release of all believers held against their will, and lead all those who come into the country to safe havens. Bring peace, stability and order to Libya. Amen. 

All text shared here comes from my Open Doors email update today who you can read more about here.


15 thoughts on “Pray For The Persecuted

  1. Praying for Christians both from Myanmar and Libya. Praying that GOD will listen to their cries, give them protection from military, militants, and hostile relatives, and touch the hearts of their persecutors to allow them to worship GOD.

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    1. As time gets closer to our Lord’s return we will see more strife like this, including in the West too. May our Father keep you and your family safe in His care David.


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