Kyleaku, Sutherland, Scotland.

Above all else, guard your heart,
    for everything you do flows from it.

Proverbs 4:23 (NIV)

I have been battling in the last 24 hours with this devotional post, it was not coming together naturally. Thus I had to sleep on it and leave it in His hands. Today, in the space of a few minutes the Spirit led me to my verse I needed. It came courtesy of a brother on Twitter, Ray Skilton. Ray comes from Maidstone in Kent, his verse posts are always a blessing to me. Further to this as I shared the above verse with Susan, my wife, with the intention of asking for a song…the Spirit gave her a song instantly before I could ask her! This song is shared below the text. Isn’t it amazing how Almighty God interacts with us, in His own perfect time and His own words?

As believers in and children of Almighty God it is necessary to go a step further than believing. Belief needs action to display true faith in God. What value is there in declaring you are a follower of God if your lifestyle is still firmly rooted in the world? I have been prompted by the Spirit to share my own experience in this matter. For some years my life was given over to competitive chess at club level, many hours were spent reading, studying and playing the Royal Game. I also gave time to reading novels as a relief from chess. Both these pastimes were mine; my life away from Him. But my conscience did bother me, I knew I was in the wrong. Deteriorating health made chess difficult and eventually Covid lockdown brought chess to a full stop. Also the book group I attended stopped. With time on my hands at home, the cry of my conscience became too loud to ignore as I turned to His Word. On reflection I can see how Almighty God eventually gets His way, and 100% of my attention! Also I can see how chess and books brought undesirable worldly ideas into my heart, but in the last year of living the surrendered life God has made me anew in Him.

Dear reader, do you have a corner of your life separated from God that does not honour Him? Are you guarding your heart from the temptations of the world? Brethren hear my plea to you: surrender yourself completely to God in all that fills your life, let Him mould you anew today.


23 thoughts on “MADE ANEW

  1. Belief needs action to display true faith in God. Amen, brother!

    It’s so easy for the good to take the place of the best.

    Thank you for the admonition to give our Lord first place in everything.

    Blessings to you, brother. 🙏✝️

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  2. To me, this is your best blog ever, Alan. Inspired, honest, personal and universal – all at the same time! PS I’m just baking buns, and wish I could pop some round to your house xxxxx

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    1. Thank you sister for your kind review! That is great that you are feeling well enough to bake buns Ruth, I can almost smell em up here…haha! My family are expecting either scones or pancakes for teatime from me, lol.


  3. do you have a corner of your life separated from God that does not honour Him?

    Well, yes, and our Lord has been dealing with me quite a bit on that.

    Thank you for your insights! God bless you

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  4. This post is a beautiful example of the Holy Spirit’s work through the body of Christ from an inspiring scripture tweet of a fellow writer to an inspired flood of words for you to write to the inspired closing song selected by your wife to create a piece that will minister to hearts of others in the body. Thank you Alan!

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  5. Praise God you did not post with a restless soul! Praise God, Alan you are in tune with the Lord and yourself to know when to wait as you are not doing this for your glory but God’s. While the Royal Game is not my pastime the Beautiful Game is. I am a Liverpool supporter (You’ll Never Walk Alone—please don’t boot me from your blog!). One of my most favorite patients I ever worked with was a lifelong Rangers fan, (I know you said that’s not your team) I share this because while God uses sport as a way for me to build bridges and share the Gospel, He has been decreasing my want and desire to watch, read and study sport. Praise God for making us new, for teaching us the things that matter and for those whom He allows to journey with us. Love and blessings to you and Susan!!

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    1. Thank you Mandy for such an enthusiastic and encouraging post. Even though I am not English my favourite football team down south is Liverpool, this is due to the strong Scottish connection with great Scots players of the 70s. Due to sectarianism Rangers fans have been a bane in my life mostly, but I have met exceptions including two Godly men who I know and respect. I still watch football and rugby to mention two sports. But recently I have felt a heavy burden for the things of God and serving Him to the best of my ability, wanting to honour him in the later years of my life. God bless you sister.

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      1. I like rugby as well. That’s a tough sport!!!! My parents divorced when I was you, I have a younger brother and we were with my Dad on Sundays so I was ingrained in sports.
        In fact, I really wanted to be a sportswriter and then God led me down another path. I appreciate your heart for wanting to honor and serve God. It is evident in everything you write and in the comments you share on other writers blogs!

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