Today I came across Bruce Cooper’s page and this excellent post describing the relationship of the Tabernacle with Christ. I found it very instructive and worthy of a thorough reading. I commend it to you, guaranteeing it will bless you.

As you may recall, in one of my recent posts I had mentioned that I had just finished reading through Hebrews again. And while reading through Hebrews, I was again reminded of the foreshadowing and symbolism that covered every aspect of the Tabernacle. In particular, the curtain or veil that blocked the entrance to the […]

In Case You Missed It – Hebrews: The Curtain of the Holy of Holies

5 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It – Hebrews: The Curtain of the Holy of Holies

  1. Thank you for the repost.. I am hoping to get a copy of the book The Tabernacle which I believe is a great study of Hebrews and looks at it clearly as a pre-view of Christ and His sacrificial death. The curtain, the whole reason for everything, .including the horns and the Ark The whys explained of the old Testament description of size, building specifications etc. Why they are important and a valuable tool for us to really CONFIRM why we are passionate about the Cross and our Glorious Saviour.

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