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I will bless the Lord who has counseled me;
Indeed, my mind instructs me in the night. I have set the Lord continually before me;
Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.
Therefore my heart is glad and my glory rejoices;
My flesh also will dwell securely.

PSALM 16 : 7 – 9 (NASB)

The last week has been a tough time physically and spiritually for me. For some years I have been prone to debilitating back problems and this last week has brought my worst bout of pain ever. I am grateful for the prayers and words of encouragement of many friends during this. The care and support of my family has kept me sane and active through the emotional and practical demands of my injury.

My reading has been reduced to my minimal devotional reading of the Word and two or three blogs. Writing has almost ground to a halt apart from a couple of good days, praise the Lord! The beauty in this is that I have more time to meditate on small chunks of scripture, and on worship songs.

Yesterday was Psalm 16 in David’s devotional 365 Psalms which always blesses and challenges me, often I read more than the required amount and find gems along the way. This is what lead me to share the scripture presented above. It spoke directly to my situation, reminding me of His presence. I have had many sleepless nights recently where I have scriptures and prayers mingling together drawing me closer to His presence. Paracetomol and morphine are good painkillers but His presence at your side is the best reassurance for the soul. I said earlier I enjoy worshipping God through songs/hymns, doing this when even when in pain releases the spirit to soar in heavenly realms.

Dear reader, “my heart is glad and my glory rejoices” is my heart cry as I fight this pain battle. I know that He is present with me throughout every minute and hour, He hears me as I cry out to Him and praise Him. Brethren be assured He is with you too, in the long night hours and during the daytime. He sees your pain and hears your every word.

19 thoughts on “In His Presence

  1. I’m so sorry to hear of you pain as it is a symptom of the greater pain in the world due to the fall so long ago. I pray for your comfort and that you’ll be able to take comfort in His Presence and His Promise that such things shall some day no longer plague us for the shall be no more. Praying for you, Alan.

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  2. I’m praying for you, Alan. I, too, have dealt with back pain and had back surgery. I understand how unbearable the pain can be. I pray the pain eases up and you can find some comfort!

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  3. Wonderful blog, Alan, and you are so right: God even shares all our suffering, which is truly astonishing. There is no God but him, and he is perfect.

    I’m so sorry you are suffering this dreadful pain, which is going on for an unusually long time. This may seem like a very foolish question, but have you had a formal, consultant-level diagnosis about what is going on? An MRI scan is always very revealing, and can be a great help in showing what the best treatment will be. I would hate to think that you could need medical intervention, based on a scan, but weren’t getting it.

    Finally, are you under the care of your regional pain clinic? For pain this severe, I would highly recommend seeing a good pain specialist. Sorry to bang on, but I really do want you to get the help you so clearly need. Please forgive me if this all sounds too intrusive

    With love, prayers, and blessings, from Ruth XXXXXXX

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    1. Hi Ruth, you are on the same wavelength as Susan on this. She has been asking with the increased occurrences and severity of it whether I needed some further investigation done. In fact I have had no investigation at all over the years on my back. Certainly this is something I will be seeking some further help with at some stage soon. Thank you for your knowledge in these matters and your loving prayers sister.


  4. So many things about why God allows His children to suffer that we don’t understand but we know that our Father is working all things together for good. I have Bible verses that I speak to myself when the going gets tough .
    Please know that your need is on my prayer list.
    Thank you for sharing your faith in the midst of great suffering and for the beautiful song of praise .

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  5. Alan, thank you for being an example of praising the Lord through the pain! My prayer for you- Lord, I lift Alan and his back to you. Your Word says that Your eyes move to and fro throughout the earth so that You may strongly support those whose heart is completely Yours. Thank you for seeing Alan, for meeting him in the darkness of his pain, for being by his side day and night, and for being the source of his strength. Thank you for working through the hands of others to encourage him physically and spiritually. May Your Words continue flow from his lips as he glorifies you in this season. Amen

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  6. Thank you Alan. I, too, know the presence and counsel of the LORD. My husband had extensive back surgery 2 weeks ago, with rods placed in his spine, and bone cutting, etc., to relieve painful nerve pressure. I am a licensed RN and know all the good and also the bad of such extreme trauma to the body. God has been a constant source of help for both of us. It’s going to be a long road to recovery for my husband, but we are rejoicing in the mercy and loving kindness of our Lord. Many blessing to you and to your readers. Mary

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  7. Dear Alan,
    I can assure you of prayers as you journey through this SEASON. I affirm His Presence with you is your Strength and Your Song. Like others voiced above I wonder what your Health Care provides. Massage, physiotherapy, etc.
    God has trained medical personnel whose Gift to help manage severe pain is a holy Gift during suffering seasons. A complete body M.R.I. may be a starting place. Pray! Seek His Wisdom!
    ( My David had a serious accident when he was helping a neighbour tow his car out of a mud hole. Another car hit his car while he was connecting the tow bar between the two vehicles. Compacted between the two vehicles he could/should have been killed.) 1988
    We believe when he was dug out of the mud under the vehicles it was a miracle. We praise and thank Him. A doctor at that time cautioned him that as he aged, changes may come. In his case stenosis of the spine flares up. It can be cripplingly debilitating.
    Yesterday an hour of gentle massage made a difference. Today he is out walking our little dog in the forest this morning. Every body is differently configured. Maybe just maybe you need a more recent scan or medical overview, Just a thought.
    Your blog, your input into the lives of others is beautiful and VITAL. Blessings and His Presence and Peace today. Amen!
    Please know you are Loved by Him and by those who follow your posts.

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    1. Thank you my dear sister Faye. Susan and I have been discussing this very subject in the last two days, and have decided as soon as is possible (re Covid) that I should seek further investigations of my back. Your testimony concerning David’s accident is really amazing…and nothing short of a miracle! Praise God for His hand on our lives at every turn in the road – Hallelujah! I thank our Father for this blog and those who contribute to it, especially those such as yourself who support it and pray for me regulary. I am truly blessed and encouraged daily in this, all by the loving grace of God.


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