In the last two days I have been blessed by reading “Method in Prayer” by the Reverend W. Graham Scroggie. His name is a blast from the past for me having read his writings several years ago as a young Christian. Thus it was a pleasant surprise to find this book on a reading list of recommended PDF books about prayer here. It is also easily available on Amazon, Abebooks and other retailers.

W. Graham Scroggie (1877-1958) was a Baptist minister, Bible expositor and author. He studied for the ministry at Spurgeon’s College, London and after early pastorates in England, he began his most influential ministry at Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh. He exercised an extensive travelling ministry in the British Isles and North America. His final pastorate was at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London. He wrote many books, mostly expository studies.

This is a relatively short book being only seven chapters and 172 pages, but do not be deceived by this compared to many lengthier volumes written on prayer. The first chapter is a brief introduction to the basic method of prayer, and the following chapters delve deeper into adoration, confession, petition, intercession and, thanksgiving in that order. What I am particularly enjoying in this book is the plain presentation of the subject, it is not pretentious or difficult to read yet it is clear that the Rev. Scroggie had a concise understanding of prayer and its facets. There are many books on the theology of prayer, I find this book to be very practical and instructive.

Dear reader, the writers I usually commend on prayer are Andrew Murray and E.M. Bounds. If you are serious about your prayer life I would sincerely commend “Method In Prayer” by the Reverend W. Graham Scroggie.

13 thoughts on “Method In Prayer – A Brief Review

  1. Thank you. The beautiful video ministered to my spirit/soul. I have many books on prayer and value what you have shared and will look into it. I personally love the writings of this dear man.
    God the Holy Spirit is my main source of daily spiritual food. Prayer, a quiet place, the Bible open and an uplifted hand towards Heaven. He knows the deepest longings and I find myself praying for folks and situations I had not thought or planned. I continue to be astonished at how my prayers flow for folks my life has connected with and how prayer soars heavenward but…….. Like a power plug connected to the power board so is my prayer-life IF I take the time to CONNECT with HIM. Really by Faith CONNECT He leads and guides, Oh the joy of this HOUR, More or less, brief or lengthy when I know we have ‘.Connected’ Take our Hand Precious Saviour, and lead us on. Blessings!

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