Colonel Samuel Brengle 1860-1936

This is an excellent article shared by StopAndPrayTV who like me has a Savation Army history. The subject of holiness is important in the Salvation Army, most Corps (churches) had 3pm Holiness Meetings every Sunday. At these meetings there was much deep teaching on the life of holiness. Sadly the subject of holiness has fallen out of favour in the 21st Century, which goes against the Word of God which never changes. One of the great writers on the subject of holiness was Colonel Samuel Brengle, whose books are recommended reading. They can be found as free pdfs here.

Zechariah 14:20 God wills for His people an uttermost salvation. That has always been God’s will. The meaning of the word holy was deepened by the prophets and altogether transformed by Jesus. Yet the New Testament can freely quote the Old Testament command, “Be holy, because I am holy,” (1 Pet. 1:16) because that has […]

Holy to The Lord

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  1. AGAIN thank you. Like you, I have an early history of for a special Season, being part of the Salvation Army. I attended, marched and sang with them, Yes, holiness was taught even in my early experiences of connection. (my father Italian Catholic and mother Presbyterian Scottish Calvinist) made for an interesting and diverse spiritual blend but my Dad chose The Salvos to introduce me to their fervour of faith. War time experiences gave him a deep appreciation for them. Blessings. You always connect with something beneficial.

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