It is the Lord Christ whom you serve. Colossians 3 : 24b (NASB)

Christmas 1991 was my first encounter with this book by John MacArthur, it was a gift from my pastor at the time. He had recognised a need for me to rediscover the true meaning of Christmas. At that time in my life Christmas brought only sorrow and loneliness with no family around me.

Mike had given me this present one night before Christmas day saying “you need to open this one early!” That night back home as I read this I came face to face with the Messiah and His Father God. I was filled with a myriad of emotions, all good, as I devoured the book in one sitting. That Christmas became the best I had ever experienced, as I focussed on my Lord and Saviour. I had a joy and hope that had been missing for some time.

Each year I have re-read “God With Us” to re-engage with the real reason for the season. This morning I sit here ready to read again this blessed book, forever thankful for good friends. But most of all thankful to my Father God for His gift of Salvation in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour.

12 thoughts on “God With Us – Review

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you had this experience, Alan, and that this wonderful book still helps you. I don’t read print any more, but I’ll look it up on Audible, in the hope that some kind person has recorded it. May God bless you today, and every day XXXXXX

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    1. Hi Mandy, you are very welcome to the book recommendation, it truly is a great read. I really do feel honoured and blessed by your prayers sister, and the those of other brethren too. Healthwise I am not too bad with only occasional bouts of pain or tiredness. I have had more days of brain issues with concentration and memory lately which can be distressing, but knowing what it is has made it more manageable. I am blessed with family and good friends who help me cope, but the biggest blessing comes from our Father God as He guides me each day. Thank you again Mandy and God bless you sister.

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  2. Thank you. I will look for this book again. I do remember the title. Have you read ”Practicing the Presence of God” Francis Frangipani.?
    It had an impact on me when I was in a low place spiritually. Let’s journey together through the joy of advent remembrances.

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