Rock Pooling the Scottish coast.

Who remembers rock pooling as a kid during the summer holidays? I remember our family holidays to the caravan park on the hillside overlooking St. Andrews beach, it was a haven of delights. My nephews, neice and myself disappeared all day down the beach like explorers in a foreign land. The Scots language for rock pooling is “guddling.” It’s the same term used to refer to fishing for trout with your hands from a river bank.

My heart is excited as I read God’s Word. It is like going guddling on the beach at lowtide, searching the shallows and the deeper pools, turning over rocks to see what lies beneath. It is a fishing adventure for my soul. I must confess I squeal with delight at my Bible discoveries like I did when guddling on St.Andrews beach all those years ago.

Dear reader, get a mug of coffee and open your Bible today. Grab your highlighters and notebook and go guddling in His Word – it is fun!


23 thoughts on “Guddling in The Bible

  1. Here in this part of the US, it’s called noodling, and it involves reaching under muddy river banks feeling for large catfish. Your application to mining the scriptures for treasure is a great one! Thank you for this, brother.

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comments and reblogging the post. I would recommend Rainer’s blog “The Devotional Guy” to you who inspired this post in his post today. God bless you and work through your blog sister.


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