Barley Field, Angus, Scotland.

“Behold, seven years of great abundance are coming in all the land of Egypt; and after them seven years of famine will come, and all the abundance will be forgotten in the land of Egypt, and the famine will ravage the land. So the abundance will be unknown in the land because of that subsequent famine; for it will be very severe.” Genesis 41:29-31 (NASB)

Now it came about in the days when the judges governed, that there was a famine in the land. Ruth 1:1 (NASB)

There are times in the Christian walk where the river runs low, down to a trickle. Suddenly all is silent about you and the Word of God doesn’t appear to say much. I have times like these, usually caused by health issues. Tiredness and pain can make everything difficult, including spiritual matters. Yet it is these times that God can use to help us grow in Him. In such dry times our Father God provides abundantly, literally from nothing.

It was while searching for inspiration in what has been a hard day, I found myself looking at Friday 26th June 2020 Bible notes and the scriptures I present to you today. I had written that day, in Scripture when we find famine, God is at work in the midst of it with bountiful blessings. Look again at the story of Joseph and how He through a famine blessed him, his family and, also his nation. Then we have Ruth, which is a truly beautiful story. To escape famine Naomi and her daughter in law Ruth return to Judah. Ruth meets Boaz who becomes her husband, and their son Obed is the great grandfather of David, and a forerunner of Christ.Truly a great harvest in the midst of a famine!

Dear reader, in times of personal famine when life is difficult our Father God is still present right beside us. No matter how low the water level in your reservoir, the Almighty can still work a miracle with it. Don’t despair, He will feed your soul from His bountiful harvest!

9 thoughts on “Personal Famine

  1. I loved this line: When we find famine, God is at work in the midst of it with bountiful blessings. It’s hard to see in those times, but He is working for our good. Famines require us to depend on Him and they often move us into places we normally wouldn’t have gone. He knows what it takes to motivate us and to draw us closer to Him. Thank God He does.

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    1. Thank you Crissy, this morning has began better than yesterday…so that is a step in the right direction. Our God is a good and wise Father. He cares for our pain and He can use it to bless us.

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