River Spey, Moray, Scotland.

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
Galatians 3:28 (NASB)

This is the third of the Jewels of believers faith, mentioned in the earlier post The Jewels of Faith.

There is something unique about Scotland apart from the obvious landscape, tartan, bagpipes and whisky. Scotland is a big advocate of fairness for all peoples, it is ingrained in our culture. As a Scotsman from a working class background I was keen on social justice, irrespective of class, race or religion. I was inspired by men such as Gandhi, Rev. Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, that led me to action in campaigning and politics. As I aged my faith led me away from political activities, I began to realise the only true hope for man lay with Almighty God.

When I read scripture like Galatians 3:28 it awakens my yearning for true equality. Mankind has never truly delivered equality in society, even though there has been some good efforts. We can see that racism is alive and thriving in the twenty first century, long after Dr. King Jnr has gone home to Glory. But there is hope.

The cause for hope is in none other than Jesus Christ. If we believe in Him as Lord and Saviour we are adopted by God into His family, one grounded in equality. The initial message in the passage is for Gentiles and Jews of the time, but the message still applies to all people in all nations and generations. In God all His children are equal regardless of nationality, church, social standing or race. What the wicked world could never deliver, Almighty God has delivered by His Son Jesus Christ.

Dear reader, do you yearn for true equality? Don’t waste time expecting it from society, only God delivers true equality to His Heavenly family of faith. All believers are one family in Christ!

15 thoughts on “One Family in Christ

    1. Wow! You are quick on this post Mandy, lol. God bless you sister.
      I stopped dressings about a week ago. Later today I have a hospital appointment with my Lymphoedema Physio to assess when I might get compression back on.

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      1. I will pray for that appointment, Alan! I had just opened my email and saw your post! It always amazes me that you’re awake at 1am. Are you a night owl or a terrible sleeper?! Sorry if that is too personal! I am a terrible sleeper and a morning person for what it’s worth!

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  1. Thank you again for your beautiful and inspirational blog. My mother was born in Edenborough and this link with you via blogging is such a blessing spiritually, pictorially and from your life’s experiences. God Bless you1

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  2. What a great blog! This line made me laugh: Don’t waste time expecting it [equality] from society. May I share with you a prayer I say almost every day. Sadly, I don’t know who wrote it, and can’t even remember where I stumbled upon it, but I find it a great help, so many thanks to the author:

    1. There is no perfect life,
    No perfect childhood,
    No perfect job,
    No perfect marriage,
    And no perfect set of people
    Who will always do
    What we expect of them.

    2. What we have
    Is a perfect God,
    Who is able to lead us
    Through this imperfect life
    With unfailing strength,
    Incomparable wisdom.
    And infinite love.


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    1. Thank you so much Ruth for your kind review. I am humbled by such great comments on my scribblings. The prayer you add is very pertinent and worthy of reading and remembering. May our Father God continue to bless you and bless through you sister.


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